A Letter from Houston

August 29, 2017. It is now day five of the tragedy of Hurricane Harvey. We are still dry (we did not flood), the rain has stopped (after dropping about 35 inches on us), and the storm and its immediate effects have departed Houston for Louisiana. I would like to say our ingenuity and good judgment carried the day, but that is only partly true. There is an element of just dumb luck when dealing with an unpredictable and dangerous tropical cyclone. We had that in our favor. If I could advise anyone planning to build or buy a home in an area exposed to tropical cyclones, I would tell them the following. (1) Don't have your primary residence anywhere near a river, creek, bayou, lake, reservoir or beachfront because they all flood. Our home in Houston met that test. (2) Check the elevation of your property and make sure it is high for your neighborhood or subdivision. I remember the guy who sold us our home in West University Place telling us that our street had the highest elevation in all of West University Place. (3) Lastly, make sure that your municipal storm sewer system can handle heavy rainwater loads and has no history of storm water backing up into the streets.

This week, I wished we lived in Ohio. (Postscript: After writing this, the remnants of Harvey actually went to Ohio. I guess no place was safe.)


Larry Wheeler, a.k.a. your webmaster

Cornell Alumni Leadership Conference

The 2017 Cornell Alumni Leadership Conference (CALC) was held at the Renaissance Baltimore Harbor Place Hotel on February 3-4. Attendees from the Class of 1961 included Class President Dick Tatlow, Reunion Co-Chair Paulene Degenfelder and husband Joe (Class of 1960), and Class Officers Marshall and Rosanna Frank. Class events included the annual class meeting (Click here for minutes) and a class dinner.

Marshall and Rosanna Frank

During the CALC Conference, The William "Bill" Vanneman '31 Outstanding Class Leader Award for 2017 was presented to Marshall and Rosanna Romanelli Frank for their remarkable contributions to their class and the Cornell community. Marshall has served as both Treasurer and President of our class, as well as being a Board Member of the Cornell Association of Class Officers (CACO) and a member of the Cornell University Council. Rosanna has been a long-time class officer, was President of the Human Ecology Alumni Association, and was a member of the Cornell University Council and the Cornell Alumni Association Board.

55th Reunion Report - Click here or select Reunion 2016 from the Site Index

New Class Officers

During the class meeting on Sunday morning of Reunion, a new slate of class officers was elected for 2016-2021. Thanks to our outgoing President, Peter Greenberg, and our other outgoing officers for all they have done to continue to make us the "Remarkable" Class of 1961. Following the meeting, Jim Moore was added to the slate as a third 60th Reunion Co-chair. The full slate is as follows:

President: Richard Tatlow

Executive Vice President: Douglas Fuss

Regional Vice Presidents: Susan Lewis Garrett, Jay Treadwell, Doug Uhler

Membership Chair, Treasurer: Walter Cottrell

Cornell Annual Fund Representative: William Eaton

Class Correspondents: Douglas Fuss, Susan Williams Stevens

Reunion Chairs: Pauline Sutta Degenfelder, Carol Gittlin Franklin, James Moore

Website Community Manager: Lawrence Wheeler

President Emeritus Advisor: Marshall Frank

Immediate Past President: Peter Greenberg

Nominations Chair: Pat Laux Richards

Nominations Committee: Carol Gittlin Franklin, Peter Greenberg, Jon Greenleaf, Diane Baillet Meakem

President's Council: Carol Gittlin Franklin, Peter Greenberg, Jon Greenleaf, Diane Baillet Meakem, Pat Laux Richards, John Sobke, Lawrence Wheeler

Class Advisors: Andrew Algava, Ken Blanchard, Virginia Buchanan Clark, Lassie Tischler Eicher, Rosanna Romanelli Frank, Edward Goldman, Philip Hodges, David Kessler, Robert Lurcott, Gail Smith Sullivan, Irene H. S. So, Gerritt White


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