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Send e-mail with news, pictures, questions, information about classmates, thoughts on reunion, or just about anything to our class correspondents: Susan Williams Stevens or Doug Fuss . Read their current and past class columns In Cornell Alumni Magazine.

Class Meeting Minutes

A class meeting was held on February 8, 2019 in conjunction with the Cornell Alumni Leadership Conference (CALC) in Boston, MA. Among the topics discussed was the status of planning for our 60th Reunion in 2021. Read the minutes here.


While our next big Reunion will be in 2021, there will be mini-reunions among our classmates between now and then. Please share photos from these mini-reunions by sending them as e-mail attachments to the webmaster. They will be posted here.

Phi Gam '61 Reunion, L-R: Ken Blanchard, Doug Uhler, Pete Whiskeman, Robin Bissell, Warren Spicka, Jack Neafsey, John Sobke, Dick Tatlow, Phil Hodges. Santa Barbara, CA, Sept. 2018.

Class President, Dick Tatlow, and Webmaster Larry Wheeler shared a round of golf and then dinner with wives Pat and Margaret (front row). Scottsdale, AZ, Oct. 2018


Reunion Co-Chairs: Pauline Degenfelder, Carol Franklin, and Jim Moore

Our 60th Reunion in 2021 is in the planning stage. Plan to attend and invite your classmates to attend as well. Our Reunion Co-Chairs have begun assembling a team of volunteers with areas of responsibility as listed below under each co-chair. Pauline notes: "I am grateful to this team for once again being willing to share their talents to provide our classmates with an extraordinary reunion experience. Although 81% overall of those surveyed after our 55th Reunion were satisfied, there were several opportunities for improvement, particularly in transportation and housing. These areas will receive extra attention."


Marshall Frank: Registration
Pat Richards: Welcome/Information Desk
Robin Bissell: Transportation
John Sobke: Clerk Management
Larry Wheeler: Website
Cornell Alumni Magazine: Doug Fuss
Marketing: Jon Greenleaf
Mailings and E-Mails: Pauline, Jon Greenleaf
Logo: Jon Greenleaf


Rosanna Frank: Food and Beverages
Singing Groups/Music: Carmine Liotta
Friday Night Host


Saturday Night Host

Pauline, Carol, Jim and Dick Tatlow

Programs and Entertainment: Survey respondents cautioned against over-scheduling at the expense of social time. We reunion chairs are interested in your thoughts. Please answer this question: If you had to choose one activity, such as entertainment or lecture, what would it be? Please send your suggestions to Pauline at

We appreciate all who have come forward to help with reunion planning and administration. Additional classmates working on our team would be welcome. Please let Pauline know of your availability and interest.

55th Reunion Report - Click here or select Reunion 2016 from the Site Index

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