Margaret Stack Turner, HumEc.’61 passed away peacefully and surrounded by family on Oct 16 th after a four-year battle against multiple myeloma.
Margie was Chair of the President's Council of Cornell Women (PCCW) from 2005-2007. In her professional life, she was a consultant to not-for-profit organizations. After joining PCCW in 1997, Margie shared her expertise and leadership as a fundraiser the Development Committee.  During her tenure as PCCW chair, Margie initiated a dialogue with the Cornell community addressing how PCCW could continue to add value to Cornell, and the changes necessary to ensure that PCCW would remain a vital member of Cornell’s family of alumni councils. Taking the recommendations from a task force led by Randy Allen, Margie led the transition of PCCW’s goals and leadership to enhance PCCW’s relevancy to Cornell’s Administration in Alumni outreach, engagement and advocacy for women. Her determination to refocus PCCW in 2005 prepared the way for PCCW to celebrate its 20 th Anniversary in 2010. During her tenure the Affinito-Stewart Grant Endowment Fund surpassed its $1 million goal.

Margie is survived by her husband, Fred; her daughter, Katie; her son Mark, and four grandchildren.  She will also be greatly missed by her friends and colleagues.