Reunion Poetry Project
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Our memorable and record 50th Reunion is now history! Some 500 classmates, spouses and guests gathered in Ithaca on June 9-12, 2011 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of our graduation. Thanks to our Reunion Co-Chairs: Pauline Sutta Degenfelder, Carol Gittlin Franklin, Doug Uhler and Neil Goldberger for organizing a terrific four days of events. Thanks also to Ed Goldman, Jon Greenleaf and Lassie Eicher for producing a fabulous Reunion Yearbook.

We presented a class record Reunion gift of $24,214,798 to Cornell. See all the results of our 50th Reunion Campaign.

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Carol Franklin presents gift from the class to outgoing Class President Marshall Frank.


Marshal Frank presents gifts to Reunion Co-Chairs Pauline Degenfelder, Doug Uhler and Carol Franklin.