Wikipedia Article about Franklin M. Loew

I would like to add to the Frank Loew remembrance and this will be different from the Wikipedia article:

Frank was an interesting guy, unlike most of other friends, he was an Aggie and he was not from "the City" but was from Syracuse.

That reminds me of the apocryphal tale from freshman orientation
New Yorker student.     "Where do you live?'
Aggie student           "Near Utica."
New Yorker              "Near Utica and where?"

Frank  would love to play the role of the good old country boy, regaling his friends with a wide repertoire of barnyard humor.
He was an excellent banjo player, and no party was complete without Frank dazzling us with his musical skills.

But beneath the facade was a brilliant mind that took him to the head of the Tufts and later the Cornell Veterinary School.
He was a widely respected scholar.

I was proud to have been his friends over these many years.

Ed Goldberg