Both David Kessler and I remember Doug Crowe from ROTC. He and I both had two-year service obligations. I entered the Army in 1963 and was discharged in 1965, but Doug entered a year later in 1964 and was likely involuntarily extended in 1966 because the Vietnam War was then in full swing. What a difference a year makes. - Larry Wheeler

Here is information from the Vietnam War Memorial:

Douglas D. Crowe, Capt -03-Army-Reserve. Length of service: 4 years. His tour began on May 3, 1967. Casualty was on March 4, 1968 in Darlac, South Vietnam, Hostile Ground Casualty Artillery, Rocket or Mortar. Body was recovered. Born on Monday, September 4, 1939. From Dedham, MA.

Messages left for Doug Crowe:

By Larry Prinkki, Served with him in Ban Me Thout, 1 Lighthouse Loop, Clancy MT 59634 USA. Fond Memories. I served with CPT Crowe in Darlac Province, Ban Me Thout. He was in intelligence for the MACV personnel stationed at the old King of Siam's Hunting Lodge. Our 41st Civil Affairs Team traded information and intelligence relating to the Vietnamese and Montangard villages that our Team provided services to, (MEDCAPS, re-building bridges blown by the VC, building playground equipment for village children, etc.). He and I were involved in many morning briefings together. We both knew and worked with Mike Benge, USAID, who was captured during the 68 Tet Offensive and was one of the last re-patriated POW's. I have re-established contact with Mike just recently. I will always remember going to his room after the mortar round exploded and seeing the devestation it had created. I will hopefully see you one day on my passing. Thanks for the memories!! Larry Prinkki, Lt. 8/7/2006.

By Francis Kaufman. Just a few words to HONOR your memory on your birthday for the day you made the SUPREME SACRIFICE on March 4th, 1968. You, SIR, are remembered. Thursday, September 4, 2003.