Academic Year 2020-2021



To the Class of 1961:


Thank you for your continued support! I hope you have all been well throughout the wild ride of this last year.


As for me, I am currently hard at work on my final semester here at Cornell. Itís very strange to think that soon I will be an alumna too! The pandemic has of course changed life here on the hill quite a bit, but Iím still trying to make the best of it while Iím here. I am still able to take horseback riding lessons (a great socially-distanced form of exercise if youíve never tried it before!) and work at the Cascadilla Hall service center, as well as occasionally visit with friends (albeit virtually or with masks and distancing).


My classes are all virtual right now, which is sometimes disappointingóbut other times itís quite nice not to have to get out of my warm bed and make the trek up the Slope! In the meantime, Iím making plans to take a gap of sorts and get some work experience in the psychology field before deciding whether to continue on for a graduate-level degree.


Thank you again for supporting me throughout my time here at Cornell. Itís been a pleasure to write to you all each year, and I know without your support it would have been very difficult for me to make attending Cornell a reality.


Best wishes,

Allyson Beiersdorf