I am looking out on the first real snow fall of the season here in Reno and am wishing you all the best for the new year! May we all keep well!

Just a few notes this time. Jane Roehrs Catchpole writes from 89 Admirals Walk, Bournemouth, UK BH2 5HCT. “Mum died after two years of acute lymphoblastic leukemia treatment, in June 2019. She remained busy with book groups, community activities and family including 4 grand children. If anyone needs more information, please contact daughter Alison Catchpole


From Pittsburgh, Preston Shimer (pushimer@gmail.com). With his wife Annette Gates ’62 Shimer he writes “volunteering is what fills our lives. I play oboe in a community band, serve as treasurer of the League of Women Voters of Greater Pittsburgh and help the Pennsylvania League with computer and administrative issues, service on our home owners board, the Allegany County Transit Council and more. We have enjoyed several courses on Crystal lines and will be taking the Queen Mary to the Vic this spring and then up to Norway. (This written before the “shut down”. Tour probably next spring). Spending more time with grandkids, but non live close to us. Volunteering keeps you alive and mentally engaged. Every organization appreciates what you do.” Remembers, “I was a fan of the Normandy restaurant and really liked their manhattans.”

Judy Friedman Brandeis and husband Peter live in Scottsdale, AZ at 10040

E. Happy Valley Rd. Lot #322. Both are retired.

Sitting where I am I expect there are many ‘61 classmates in the Scottsdale area.

Doug Fuss has sent sad news of close friends. Arthur Tasker has died, a friend and frat brother to Doug. He sends an obituary for Harry Heber Moseley, a friend in ME struggles.  www.feerickfuneralhome.com/obituary/harry-heber-moseley