As we enter the New Year, with Covid-19 hopefully subsiding, we need to rally around our 60th Reunion.  Please, save-the-dates of June 10 – 13.  We hope this will be a live event in Ithaca with the beautiful weather we have enjoyed in past years!  I look forward to seeing all of you and climbing Lib slope one more time.  

Classmate Jerry Siegman sent a note.  “This piece appeared in print in the Times Sunday Magazine on August 23,2020. The lawyer who defended the 3 Black Marines in their Court Martial was Bill Schaap, a friend of mine and—   like me--a member of the Cornell Class of 1961. Bill passed away 4 years ago. Bill devoted his life to defending  first the anti -Vietnam  War movement  and later the civil rights of others. I think his many friends in the class would enjoy reading about his  contributions in this case.”

 Another lengthy update from Bob Pierce.  “I'm retired from law practice, widowed and living in a little cottage in the woods.  In the pandemic, I go out only to the post office and to the park for a walk by the Hudson  Would enjoy a fall getaway but don't know where any place is safe--am thinking of a couple of days' camping in nearby Fahnestock park.  I'm researching it.

I still have fond memories of my time in the Cornell glee club, notably the tour of Russia and London in 1960-61 and the midwestern Christmas tour in 1958.

I'm reading Susan Rice's book "Tough Love", which tells me a lot about her father Emmet Rice who was on our economics  faculty in the late '50's and later was a presidential advisor and a member of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve.  A fine professor and a fine person.

My daughter Alison Solomon is a grad of Manhattanville College 2001 and later became a nurse.  She works in the cardiology department of a New York Presbyterian hospital.

I'm happy to hear from classmates.  My e-mail is "".  I'm also on Facebook as Robert G Pierce.”

And a couple of brief updates from classmates, Gloria Georges Brown writes, “I am a member of the class of 1961. I am well, staying home and wearing a mask on the rare occasions when I go out. I am spending the time working in the yard, doing arts and crafts, and studying  languages  on Duolingo.” And from Larry Lesser, “ I'm semi-retired from the U.S. Foreign Service but the reason I'm only 'semi-retired' is that I'm still employed as an editor of the State Department's human rights reports that are statutorily required to be issued every year ... as an unclassified public document.”

Steve Stein sent in the following  Class Note,  “My life changed significantly in 2014 when my wife, Susan Volpert Stein (’62) died at age 74. We met at Cornell in 1959, married in 1962 and lived mostly in Greenwich where we raised our family of three children. I have recently moved from our longtime family home to an apartment in central Greenwich.  I retired from active law practice in 2017 and became a consultant to law firms as an adviser on alternate billing practices. I am associated with a firm based in London where I spent many years when in active law practice. Three of my ten grandchildren are Cornell students, Jacob Stein Class of 2021, Mimi Stein, Class of 2023 and our new Cornellian, Claire Stein 2024. In my professional life I spent considerable time working and living in Europe. I would like to be able to spend more time with friends in Europe but have been unable to travel in 2020 because of the virus. Now spending time with my ten grandchildren who, happily, live near me.”

James Belden is still practicing Equine medicine and surgery in Wellington Florida, the world’s largest equestrian community. Concerning the Covid Virus he relates “Extra care is taken in stable calls to ensure appropriate sanitation and distancing with stable workers.” He also comments that sons, daughters, grandchildren and great grandchildren are all happy and prospering. “I’m  Living the life and my relationships with family and friends have never been more important.”


Gus Kappler  ’61 MD ’65 wrote as follows, “Although my CUMC '65 reunion has been postponed that change has stimulated classmates to share their history. There are at least seven of us who served as military combat physicians in-country, Vietnam.

Most of us were drafted as interns in '65. If one did not receive a deferment to complete specialty training these physicians, with one year's training, found themselves embedded with the ground troops seeking out the enemy in "search and destroy" missions. I was lucky enough to be granted the deferment. I truly believed the war would have ended by 1970. Yeah! 

At our 2021 reunion, I wish the Class of ’61 and WCM would honor ALL of our class members who served in the military, whether or not deployed. Their sacrifice and service were substantial risking their lives for our country. The same should be done for the CUMC class with which we are partnered. No one has done that as yet. It’s been fifty years!”

We thank all of you for submitting Class Notes and communicating with your classmates.  We hope to see many of you in June in Ithaca. Doug Fuss and Susan Stevens at