Class of 1961, West Point Tour, May 11, 2013

Photos by David Kessler

Historic Thayer Hotel where lunch was served.

View of Hudson River at Trophy Point

Class Picture

Judy Goldfaden

Colonel Edward Sobiesk, whose son attends Cornell

View of the Hudson River from Library Balcony

Cadet Mess Hall which feeds 4400 cadets. They have 20 minutes to eat their meals.

One of many statues on the West Point campus.

Hudson River, looking south.

Rosanna Frank

Marshall Frank

Lew Rothman, Rosanna Frank, and Gerrit White

Ed Goldman and Peter Greenberg

Superintendent's Conference Room

Thayer Award Room


Peter Engle and Susan Gallin
Paul and Joel '65 Canter
Marshall and Rosanna Frank
Ray and Judy Goldfaden
Ed Goldman and Judith Riven
Peter and Elke Greenberg
Gilbert and Barbara Harrington
David Kessler
Fred and Margot Marcus
Lewis Rothman
Ian and Janet Wetherly
Gerrit and Elizabeth White