SEPTEMBER 1939-MAY 7, 2023


A saddening shock

to learn of your

passing  A man

with the appearance


of a teddy bear

sometimes wearing

a beanie and

jacket in the


cold New York

winter with a

friendly smile but

a smart teddy bear


You were funny

earthy smart but

also conservative

Yet I was not



but wishing to

disagree like

your family


over the invasion

of Iraq How

I first met you:

San Francisco


1965 as a

ward clerk at San

Francisco General



As an intern

you advised

another doctor

to work in




Southern California

based on his


Then I saw you


at a demonstration

against the Vietnam

War In 1967 we

met in the Russian


Tea Room when you

protested the

Fugs We later met

in Philadelphia in


1970 and then

in 2003 for more

than a decade over

lunch at the Century


Club and other

restaurants for

exchanges of

feelings/thoughts I


knew of your illnesses

to my sadness

but I can also

appreciate your


caring for others

in the midst of

your diseases

Your love of your


wife and family

was always

evident I

learned of your


passing on the

month of your

birthday Eight

months older than



you we are both

children of the

Second World War

Sadly I did


not see you in

New York this year

But I knew that

you could not


receive me Yet

my memories

of you are

indelible Thank


you so much for

our time together

While we were

distant I still


knew you to the

point of sadness

I want to see

you again and will


mention your name

at Shabbat on

these High Holy Days


Your memory is a



                                                                           Herbert J. Weiner

                                                                                  September 18, 2023