Class of 1961 Meeting
February 4, 2017


Location:       Cornell Alumni Leadership Conference

                        Renaissance Baltimore Harborplace Hotel, Baltimore, Maryland



Class Members in Attendance:

 Dick Tatlow, Pauline Degenfelder, Marshall Frank, Rosanna (Romanelli) Frank, Carol Franklin (Phone).


President, Dick Tatlow, called the meeting to order at 9:30 AM.


Financial Reports:


Walt Cottrell sent in the year ending Class Account Figures:


1.  Class Account Balance 12-31-2015       $39,649

      Class Account Balance 12-31-2016      $35,251


2. Class Long Term Investment Account


                        Balance 12-31-2015             $65,024

                        Balance 12-31-2016             $67,308


            Note: The Cornell Fund performance for 2016 was +3.5%



3. Two Class of 1961 Scholarships:


            Class of 1961 Scholarship @ March 31, 2016                               $173,386

            Michael Schwerner Memorial Scholarship @ March 31, 2016    $123,534


Note: The first paid out $8,855 that goes to classmate’s children, grandchildren, and then, if not assigned, to general need based individuals. The second paid out $6,223 that goes to general need based individuals interested in civil rights.


Financial discussions and comments


1. It was noted that the Cornell Fund performances of the two scholarships over the same period from June 30, 2015 to March 31, 2016 were different. The main scholarship decreased (3.04%) while the MSMS fund decreased (0.94%). Why?


2. The class received $2,811 from LTIP fund. We need to understand more about the LTIP fund.


3. Our two scholarships are giving financial help to the general need based population. Do we want to let this continue or would the class rather be more specific in directing these scholarship funds?


4. We were advised that it is customary to make out a “class will” at the 60th reunion. This document should direct the university in the use of the class funds after the class is gone.


5. We were advised that removing funds from our investment account was not possible unless all was removed at the same time. Why?


6. Dick Tatlow with Walt Cottrell will review and get answers to the above questions.


7. Marshall noted the class total giving through 12/31/16 was slightly over $200 million.



Reunion Committee Report



Kathy Davis of the Alumni Affairs office provided reunion Figures:


            55th Reunion Income and Expense Summary through 10/31/16:


                        Total Income                         $70,306

                        Total Expenses                      $78,526

                        Balance from Class Acct       ($8,220)


            55th Reunion Campaign Statistics to June 30, 2016:


                        Total Dollars                          $26,442,597

                        Total Donors                                         436

                        Annual Fund Dollars                              $ 459,311

                        Annual Donors                                      316

                        Tower Club Members *                          67

                        Quadrangle Club Members                    49

                        Charter Society Members                      37


·         Includes President’s and Dean Circle Members


Total lifetime giving for our class through June 30, 2016 is $200,145,986.       


Pauline Degenfelder, Co-Chair of Reunion with Carol Franklin discussed the 55th post-reunion feedback and the beginnings of the 60th reunion planning. 


Respondents highly rated our 55th in areas of opportunities for catching up with friends, programs, food, event venues, and pre-reunion communications. As for programs for our 60th, respondents urged emphasizing the many substantive University-sponsored events, with the possibility of a class specific event such as a faculty member’s presentation or a panel of classmates who have written books.


Additional thoughts and comments about the 60th are given below:


1. Several ideas for class events were on the table such as health issues, retirement facilities, class book writers, direction of the University, and more. Marshall suggested we do no more than one event, as there are many University sessions of interest to classmates as well.


2. Any money used from our class accounts to subsidize parts of reunion must be used equably for all. 


3. The theme for the 60th will be Great Journeys. Jon Greenleaf will work on a appropriate logo.


4. It was noted that some classmates might have special needs. Can clerks take on this responsibility? We should check with the last 6oth reunion class for their experience.


5. As expected this returning group was much smaller than the 50th.  We should determine who attended the 50th and not the 55th as a starting point to asking what is important to them, and what would they like to see at the 60th.


6.  A new idea on Affinity Groups was discussed. Instead of putting boxes around groups (sports teams, fraternities/sororities, school departments, etc) why not create a “friendship tree” spreading out along old friends regardless of affiliations.


7. Most importantly, Pauline Degenfelder and Carol Franklin welcome your ideas and interest in working on reunion planning. They would like to see new folks involved. Please contact them at pdegenfel@aol.com and cgfranklin@aol.com.


Respectfully Submitted


Richard H. Tatlow IV, President