Minutes of Class of ’61 Meeting

Feb. 22, 2020

Wisteria Room, Westin Las Vegas


Classmates attending:

          Jim Moore

          Larry Wheeler

          Diane Meaken        

Susan Stevens

Doug Fuss

Rosanna Frank

Marshall Frank

Doug Uhler

Carol Franklin via conference call

Pauline Degenfelder part time via conference call


          Geri Moore

Joanna Uhler

Cornell Alumni Affairs:    Kate Freyer first 30 minutes



Class Profile: Contact Method Summary


                                                   Alumni          Non Degreed           Grand Total

Living Alumni                        1,319                569                       1,878

Reachable by E-mail:              778                  87                          865

Reachable by phone:              876                150                       1,026

Reachable by post:              1,110                215                       1,325



Class financial summary as of 12/31/19


Class Account Balance:               $51,519 (not clear whether all available, since this account is used to pay Alumni magazine subscriptions from Class dues received)


          Long Term Investment acct:         $83,522 (6.3% increase over last year)


          Class of 1961 Scholarship Fund:  $197,673 (paid out $8,479)


          Michael Schwerner Mem. Fund:   $156,844 (paid out $6,708)


          Total Class Giving thru 6/30/19:   $221,140,443





60th Reunion June 10 – 13, 2021


·       Class headquarters will be Mews on the North campus. Standard for 60th Reunion classes. Has AC and doubles, but no private bathrooms.

·       There will be a block of rooms (23) set aside at the Statler and also the Best Western Motel (considerably less expensive) Both will open in Oct. 2020.

·       Pat Tatlow has volunteered to put together a continuous slide show to be running at class HQ. Would like classmates to submit pictures (no children or grandchildren, please) Pat should prepare an email soliciting pictures with instructions on the best format. Larry suggested jpegs which can also be included on our Class website.

·       Rosanna is responsible for food with possible assistance from Jay Treadwell. While there will be a tent available next to our HQ, there was a strong sentiment against having any meals there. Appel Commons is next door to Mews, has a multi-purpose room which is available for Thursday night dinner as well as breakfasts.

·       Dinner venues, need to have 1st and 2nd choices by July. Current thinking is Friday: Klarman or Statler; Saturday: Trillium or Martha Van. The latter being preferred since just a short walk to Bailey after dinner for Corneliana night. Although Trillium is also relatively close to Bailey.

·       General feeling is that only one lunch provided by class; Friday or Saturday to be decided later.

·       Transportation to/from HQ and events as well as to/from Statler/ HQ/ events, will be handled by Alumni Affairs. No need to have a classmate responsible.

·       Strong sense against having a separate class forum or any afterglow class speakers. Should maximize what the University offers all reunion classes. Program booklet will be available at registration.

·       To stimulate attendance at out 60th, Doug Uhler has suggested the following initiative: “The way we used to work this progress in the past was to work with affinity groups. Now several members of the class think it might be better to work with calling friends and asking them to attend. The thought is that we come to reunions more to see friends and if “I am going, and I would like to see you” is a more powerful message than the past efforts. If I call someone and then you call the same person with a similar invite, we might get a few more attendees.  Doug has already e-mailed attendees of our last 2 reunions outlining his suggestion and asking for comments.

·       Reunion Kick-off is scheduled for Oct. 2, 2020 in Ithaca for Reunion co-chairs where final decisions and schedules will be made.





Class of 1961 Gift in memory of Peter Meinig


·       Based on discussions among Dick Tatlow, Ellen G. Walsh, Alumni Affairs & Development, Principal Gifts, and Jennifer Sawyer, University Library, two possibilities emerged;


o   Peter C. Meinig Class of 1961 Memorial Leadership Award - This would enable the Meinig School of Biomedical Engineering to recognize a graduating senior with demonstrated leadership characteristics throughout their time at Cornell. An endowment gift of $100,000 would enable an annual award of $3,000 - $4,000.


o   Peter C. Meining Class of 1961 Memorial Reading Room – While students at Cornell, Pete and Nancy would meet at the Library. A gift of $100,000 to name the Reading Room would recognize the special connection Pete and Nancy shared with the Library, and the importance to their lives together.


·       The consensus of those present favored the 2nd option - The Library Reading room.

·       While there are sufficient funds available in our Class accounts to support either option at $100,000, the general feeling is that we should offer class mates the opportunity to also contribute, with the Class matching dollar for dollar up to a maximum of $50,000.

·       This needs to be coordinated with our 60th Reunion Fund Raising Campaign, perhaps offering contributors to designate part or all of their contributions to the Reading Room.

·       Whomever is selected from the Class to lead our 60th reunion campaign needs to coordinate with the corresponding person from Cornell Development who will be working with our Class on how best to handle this.