Cornell Alumni Magazine to Cease Publication. What Comes Next?

Cornell Alumni Magazine (CAM) has announced it will cease publication with the May/June 2021 issue.  Many are asking “What comes next?”

Well, the answer is that two things come next. Starting in July 2021, a new online alumni communications hub will debut on the Cornell alumni website, This hub will include editorial content intended to be much richer than was available on CAM as well as Class Notes and Alumni Deaths. It will be free. In addition, a new print publication is in the works that will include much of the editorial content of the online version as well as Class Notes and Alumni Deaths. You will have to register for this print publication and pay a subscription fee, but the fee will no longer be part of the annual class dues. By July, we should know how much the print publication will cost, how to subscribe and how many editions will be published per year.

There will be no change in the frequency of Class Notes. Alex, the Class Notes editor at CAM, will continue to perform that function for the new online and print publications. There will be a place on the online hub for alumni to submit news to their Class Correspondents.

The intent of all of this is to reach a larger alumni audience than was possible on CAM and to provide more Cornell and alumni information than was available previously.  It is also intended that past issues of CAM will still be accessible from an online archive.

Your class website will continue to provide class-specific information and photo archives as it always has.


The Webmaster