Class of 1961 Class Officers Meeting 2009
Philadelphia, February 6-7, 2009

Credits: Rosanna Frank, Larry & Margaret Wheeler

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Mickie Kuhs telling Bill Eaton: "This is a museum, not a hotel". Irene So introducing her husband, Bob, to Class President Marshall Frank. Museum Tour Group Larry and Margaret Wheeler listening intently as Marshall tells them how many courses to expect at Maggiano's. Micki's had enough, but Bill Eaton is still working on dessert. Class Business Meeting with L-R, Bill Eaton, Walt Cottrell, Marshall Frank, and Larry Wheeler      
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Class Luncheon, L-R, Bill & Phyllis Eaton, Marshall & Rosanna Frank, Irene So, Walt Cottrell, and Larry Wheeler      Walt Cottrell, Irene So, Margaret & Larry Wheeler at our CACO Luncheon       Bill & Phyllis Eaton & Marshall are happy campers, but check out the waiter in the back who doesn't want to be identified.         This free throw will swish as Cornell begins to pull away from Penn in the First Half A good view of the Palestra as Cornell is about to sink another free throw and win 88-73.