Class of 1961 Cornell Association of Class Officers (CACO) Meeting
Philadelphia, February 8-9, 2008

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Waiting for our Tour Guide at Philadelphia Museum of Art . At the Museum, Marshall Frank, Jack Richards '60, and Marty Mount '62. Two '60 Chem. E's, Joe Degenfelder & Peter Sperry, explaining fluid flow to Ellie Browner Greco. David Kessler telling Pauline Sutta Degenfelder that the tour guide will be here any minute. Carol Franklin and Pat Richards, "Where is that tour guide?" Pat Richards at the Rose Tattoo Bar.
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David Kessler and Pauline Degenfelder "What a romantic spot! What happened to Joe?"


Pauline, David and Pat.  David, enough with the tickling! The whole group at our Rose Tattoo table. Another group shot. Our Class of 1961 luncheon table. Attendees from L-R, Margaret Farrell, Joe Degenfelder '60, David Kessler, Pauline Degenfelder, Jack Richards '60, Pat Laux Richards, Ellie Browner Greco, Carol Gittlin Franklin, Marshall & Rosanna Frank, Bill & Phyllis Eaton.