Greetings Classmates. I am happy to have heard from some of you. Our other class correspondent, Doug, is busy selling out and moving to Atlanta near family. You all know what a job that is! He will be sharing our news in the next column.

Meanwhile here is some news. First from Carol Hershey Durell who writes from Worthington, Ohio that “she is helping run a 200 yr. old building as an art gallery and studio. I bought it in 2000 and named it High Road Gallery, a nonprofit. She enjoys visiting in Canada and Florida. She read great books of history at Cornell which she still does.”

Our class president Jim Moore living in Pittsford, NY finds satisfaction in “reading biographies and mysteries in addition to travel on cruises and staying in touch with family. In retirement he’s doing some arbitrations.

At Cornell he thoroughly enjoyed traveling with the men’s glee club going to Russia and England.”

Morris “Moe” Mellion is “board chairman of Environment Health Trust, in addition is studying & publishing effects of electromagnetic radiation. He enjoys traveling in the US to visit family and to see other parts of the world.

At Cornell he appreciated personal relations with government and history faculty. They were role models for achievement.”

Mike Polansky writes “ bored with retirement, so I took a job as a reporter for the Massapequa Post, a weekly newspaper covering the Massapequa community on the south shore of Long Island. I cover the Oyster Bay Town Board, the Village of Massapequa, the Massapequa School District and the Chamber of Commerce of Massapequa.”  He’s got it covered!

Gerald Schneider is promoting “his recent book, “Progressive Values -- Libertarian Solutions” reviewed as having ‘realistic and ethical solutions to many problems that invite dialogue. It bridges the gap between  progressives and conservatives in a divided America’. Am moderating contemporary public issues groups at ‘over 50 centers’ My good fortunes outweigh complaints! Memory of the Cornell campus! Enjoying its nature while studying it!”

Diana Frumkes Thompson “enjoys walking with her husband, playing piano, going birding, meeting with friends…advocate for seniors…represent hearing loss association of Washington in the Dementia Action Collaborative. She has two daughters, one is an architect and the other a biologist. My husband and I plan to go to Iceland in July. She has a favorite memory of playing a flute solo with the University orchestra”

Robert K. Wrede and wife Ranlyn enjoy “raising our two young children, Kendrick age 14 and Kendlyn age 12. Staying connected to my older children and grandson, watching my younger children mature. My Grandson

Bastian Wrede, age 12, is a  cross country skier, son Kendrick is preparing for Freshman (high school) football and our daughter Kendlyn is dancing and performing. My wife Ranlyn continues to keep us together.

Remembering skiing at Greek Peek because the mountains and fresh air were exceptional”

Marco Minasso checks in and remembers “interesting students in hotel school and my fraternity days.”

Robert Gambino signed in from Connecticut!

We have recently learned our classmate Bart Winokur and his wife Susan have established the Susan and Bart Winokur Distinguished Professorship for the Public Understanding of Science and Mathematics with a $5M gift. It is the first of its kind and will offer dedicated time and support to enable the holder to focus on public outreach! Steven Strogatz a distinguished mathematician and award-winning teacher has been appointed  as the inaugural holder of the chair. He is eager to share his enthusiasm for connecting mathematics with real world questions. Congratulations to Steven and kudos to the Winokurs.