“To do the greatest good” is the campaign for Cornell University. This theme pervaded the atmosphere of the CALC (Cornell Alumni Leadership Conference) which I attended in San Diego last weekend. There were seven of our class members attending including me, Ken Blanchard, David Chadwick Brown, Carmine Liotta, class President Jim Moore, Doug Uhler and Larry Wheeler, internet provider. Lauren Coffey, Director of Class Programs was there to support us all. We all enjoyed a dinner together at Grant Grill near our hotel. The conference consists of two full days of sessions covering campus issues of interest to all Cornellians, i.e. the digital library, engineering and medicine, leadership experience (where classmate Ken excels and shared a theme of giving an A and with team leadership acquiring the A) and a spotlight on student experience where students shared their special interests which helped us to see what Cornell is for them. Isn’t that what Cornell is all about? We learned about the governance of Cornell. Did you know that the Board of Trustees is a true governing body of 64 members which includes staff, faculty, alumni, students? This governance is unique among universities. There was also a voting opportunity for an alumni board member who was attending the conference. Having less endowment than other universities, Cornell does more by honoring any person, any study. Of special interest to me was a session focusing on human relations and communication from a generational viewpoint. We all laughed about how perceptions of generations differ from one another which includes geographic differences as well.

We are all encouraged to access the site http://Alumni.Cornell.edu/Cornellians which replaces the magazines Ezra and the Cornell Alumni Magazine. You will be surprised at all the news and the many opportunities for you there. So just try it and save it.

Did you know that 250,000 Cornellians live and thrive in the world today?

Meanwhile the hotel (Westin San Diego Gaslamp Quarter) provided breakfast and lunch meals of good quality and special perks of wine, beer and coffee daily.

CALC next year is in Baltimore, MD.

Wearing my hat as class correspondent I will share a happy letter from Jan Hoffsis Sanderson Hayes from Arizona. “In November of 2022 I accept the invitation of my best friend, Ron Zimmerman, to be his wife. It’s been a grand adventure! We gathered our immediate family of 27 for a Thanksgiving weekend wedding. Who says marriage and all its blessing needs to be reserved for the young. Our marriage provides Ron two daughters and me three sons. Thats a treat.

We are not making any records with four grandchildren and three great grandchildren…We had both downsized in other lives so this time we upsized to be sure we had a large kitchen and plenty of room. Ron loves to cook! We stayed in Arizona…to a citrus grove in North Mesa. We eat out once or twice a week and entertain at home as the occasion arises. I’ve joined a Pi Phi Book Club and enjoy being a Golden Girl. We keep up with the day to day news which is, unfortunately, frequently not what we wanted to hear. We continue to be optimistic and try to keep a sense of humor… Life is great! Our goal is to keep each day happy, healthy and special.” She sends regards.

Alan Goldman sends an obituary of his wife Joyce Berger Goldman, Democratic activist and key aide to two Essex County Executives. Can see it in NJ media January 7, 2023.

News from M. Mehdy Douraghy from Chicago. He has been traveling in Europe including son’s wedding in Sicily. Been doing research for a catalogue on prayer rugs. Now has 8 grandchildren from three sons and one daughter. Doing a lot of research and reading.

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