Greetings classmates from late summer in Reno, NV. I am wishing you all good health and good times. I am glad to report the following news.

First, from Therese (Terry Elzas) Baker-Degler ( who writes that she is “considering moving to a retirement community in NYC as two sons and grandkids live there. She asks if any of you have any connections or advice about institutions, etc. 

A grandson just had his Bar Mitzbah at the Park Avenue Synagogue with a huge party afterwards. All my grandsons go to the Collegiate school and one granddaughter is a freshman at Harvard. Terry enjoys reading, watching films, the Stanford Continuing Ed. Courses, book club and Great Decision Group.”

Charlie Machesney ( “is happy to be rowing with Chautauqua Lake Rowing Association each summer since 2012, has survived Covid19 so far w/o infection, fully vaccinated +2 boosters. Oldest grandson graduates from U North Dakota this year. Appreciates waking up each morning and enjoying another day.” As do we all.

From Indio, CA, Edward Levy ( He is “placing injection molded tooling for “Consumer Product Companies” in Asian companies that I have dealt with in the past. Doing Product Design and Plastic Tooling Placement in Asia. Our 2 sons have senior level management jobs with international companies. Completing a difficult job gives me the most satisfaction. New hobby is mechanism designing.”

Gail McDougall Sullivan (Smith) ( in North Rosa, NY on Sodus Bay writes “I am becoming a nutritarian -- starting a plant based food program, trying to make this ‘old body’ work better, feel better, live longer, reach a more healthy weight and helping the planet all at the same time! I turned an avocation of collecting antique jewelry into creating pins, broaches and necklaces. After following the craft show path for 35 yrs, I decided to retire again. My husband, Mike, and I built a home in Costa Rica and spend half of the year there. Now trying to conquer the learning curve of owning an RV so we can travel and enjoy the US.”

From Humberto Cordero Sr. ( who is “worrying about the US future and the irresponsible politicians of all parties. Never thought the country would be so low when I started my future at Cornell. Retired, spending 5 months at Palmas Delmar, Puerto Rico, one month traveling, one month visiting family and 5 months in Boca Raton, FL. Grandchildren, one graduates in London, another going to Cornell and another to Purdue.

Listening to my musical family play and sing…Adrianna, Joseph, Calvin and Tyler in voice and various instruments successfully. Listen to Audio Books about history (US, Civil War, earth, American Revolution, Egyptian Pharaohs) et al.”

We hear again from Barbara “Bobbie” Horowitz ( who is writing a musical  and putting on cabaret shows when audiences can appear again. She partners with her Cornell son David Stone ’90’ in writing and performance work. She keeps busy using Zoom for online workshops on women’s dressing and personal expression, a business for her.

Leroy Moyer ( checks in from Sandy Springs, GA.

He and his wife Marilyn have been married 60 years! He is “retired and playing a little golf and bridge. Also bought a 1948 Lincoln Continental! He’s enjoying life.

Mary Ann Tower Rolland ( is living in a Florida retirement community after loss of 1st husband Bill Rolland, with new mate Dick Yeager . “Volunteering in retirement community (since 2013), quilting, gardening, traveling has been limited  due to pandemic. I am experiencing macular generational loss of vision and praying for a cure. Grandchildren in high school in Deerfield, MA -- looking at colleges. She enjoys sharing activities in her community and helping new residents get settled.”

Lawrence Aaron with wife Susan are in Illinois where Lawrence is Chairman, Inland Bank Trust, Oak Brook, Ill.

Thomas Rohr (our classmate)is known as “The Commish” in Hawaii. The president and CEO of Waikoloa Land Company from 1988 to 2010. The Naupaka News of March/April 2017 tells of his impact on standards of  leisure hospitality in Hawaii. Rohr reflects “The things I’m most proud of …are how we were able to zone the land…which allowed the resort to expand the condominium and timeshare offerings…just nowadays being realized.” He also has had a commitment to and love of golf. We reported at another time of his support of golf for young people in Hawaii.

Inevitably as time passes we lose beloved classmates.

Ronald Demer ( sent an obituary of classmate Carl Frederick Shrawder who passed May 12, 2022.

Please write us your news and thoughts.

Doug Fuss and Susan Stevens