Twenty classmates joined in early March for a Zoom ’61 class officer’s meeting hosted by Co-Pres. Dick Tatlow.  Several reunion and class topics were discussed. The primary item was completing the funding for the Peter Meinig Memorial room in the Olin Library.  As a class we are several thousand dollars short of our goal.  Dick gave a call for all class officers to make a significant contribution.  I have made a contribution and invite all of our classmates to join in also. The information on sending a contribution to the Meinig memorial is: Check payable to Cornell University; Box 37334; Boone, IA 50037-0334; “Pete Meinig Reading Room - Class 1961", Fund #0017566. The dedication of the memorial is planned for reunion week in June 2022 with special recognition for Nancy Schlagel Meinig ’62. More information will be forthcoming if classmates wish to attend this event.

The Cornell Leadership Conference was held in late March in Ithaca following the submission of this Class Column.  The event is one of the first non-virtual events on campus since the Covid crisis hit.  Joanna and Marshall Frank, and Jim Moore, Co-Pres, will represent us.

A comment on Class Notes, the most read section in the Alumni News and, I’m sure, will be in the online Cornellian.  However, for the first time in the years I have been your correspondent, we received no input.  Not one form or email.  Nothing from anyone.  Although Susan and I believe we are creative and resourceful we are not good at creating fiction.  We need your help.

All of you have received the link to the Cornellian several times in your Cornell emails. The print version is in the works as a subscription offering in early 2023.This column is necessarily short  Please take a moment to send a class note or email to Susan or myself. Doug Fuss  <>  and Susan Stevens (