Just a few lines from classmates this time. Wishing you all well in the new year. Is it really ‘22? To write on all correspondence? Take care you all.

From Diane Baillet Meakem “My news is that I now have FOUR grandchildren who are undergraduates at Cornell! Two are the son and daughter of Chip and Andrea (Freedman) Meakem, class of ‘93. And two are the daughter and son of Glen and Diane (Boone) Meakem of Swickley, Pa. Two other grands are at Harvard and Tufts. Seven younger grands are in grades K-10. And three have already graduated from college. We are a busy family!! Stay well!!” Sure hope we make it for a reunion in 2026!”

Donald Trice  (dontrice39@gmail.com) writes “We just spent a fun week at Hilton Head Island with Kappa Sigma alumni John Foster ‘61, Harry Morgan ‘64, Jim Mitchell ‘63 and our spouses. Frank Volker ‘62 was to come, but his wife broke her hip and is still recuperating. This group gets together about every 2 - 3 years. The last get together was in Boothbay Harbor, Maine in the summer of 1919. We have had several events over the years including a 7-day trip down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon in 1989.”

Rosanna Romanelli Frank (rrfrank@optonline.net) Reports “Husband Marshall Frank (B.ChemE ‘61) and I have gotten all our vaccination shots and are looking forward to attending campus events when they are once  again in full swing. Meanwhile, we plan to make an extended visit to London to catch up on all the museum exhibits and theater before returning for Thanksgiving with family.”

We have heard from Ruth Schimel (ruth@ruthschimel.com) “enjoying meeting new, varied people, making progress with my work, and updating unending self-maintenance. Grateful to be in my related fourth, fifth, and sixth careers concurrently to use this precious time well. I’m a career & life management consultant, author, and manager of an atypical foundation. Just published my seventh book Happiness and joy in Work: Preparing for your Future. As far as I know, it’s the only book designed and customized for each reader to become expert in their current and future work, however defined. Free first chapter at https://www.ruthschimel.com/books/happiness-and-joy-in-work/. Paradoxically, the Covid constraints have brought my dispersed family closer with regular communication and sharing as well as visits. Grateful for the new layers of intimacy with the generations who bring meaning and joy to me and others.”

Your Class Correspondent and husband Bill living in Reno are having a two week spree in Hawaii, ostensibly to attend Bill’s youngest daughter’s wedding on Oahu. We plan to stay in a cottage on the beach in Kauai before braving Honolulu, weather reports not withstanding. This is our second trip this year having gone East after grandson’s high school graduation (he now in engineering at UMD). We took the train again. I do not recommend it for people our age. Managed to drive through Upper New York State, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine, enjoying being East and all the history that goes with it. Please remember to let Doug and me know what is going on in your lives!