Thanks to Lauren Coffey who is our class officer contact, I have learned that 115 members of our class participated in our 60th virtual reunion.

Good news and thanks to all who enjoyed the experience. Meanwhile all of us have suffered the affects of the pandemic in our lives. Keep strong and be patient.

In retirement, JUDITH LOCKER ADELSON wrote from Los Angeles, “My daughter and 6 year old granddaughter have been living with me during the pandemic. Fun getting to know Fin, who is an actress (a little one) and watching her mom , Karen, being an incredible mother. I’ve just finished a memoir, have begun a new project and published a short story. Hopefully the memoir will also be published.”


LINDA MEYROWITZ SALAMON ( lives in White Plains, NY and writes “have taken several watercolor & drawing courses online…I’ve even improved! My granddaughter is a freshman at Cornell! Be thankful for family and dear friends and to be able to live not very differently than before. More aware than ever how difficult life is for so many others.”


JILL BECKOFF NAGY ( with George ‘62 are “fully vaccinated and feeling quite energized. She’s tutoring math for Literacy Volunteers. My first two students began with subtraction and got as far as solving simple linear equations…gearing up to start with someone new.

I also write for a couple of business newspapers. And do a lot of puzzles!

Both children are challenged teaching remotely one at Univ. of Maine and the other at Univ. of Toronto. A feeling of awe at nature run wild and of science responding.”


Our class musical writer in NYC, BOBBIE HOROWITZ has been part of many Zoom shows. “she also gives Zoom color psychology/numerology classes that teach people how to dress to bring out who they truly are. Son David doing well in the Zoom world with his theater and dance troop. Bobbie has learned how to communicate a show through Zoom. “I also clearly see that we are all one species. That’s what my new musical is about.”


HUMBERTO CORDERO, JR ( relates being prevented from traveling and “having to stay in Puerto Rico to avoid Covid.

In retirement I am spending 5 months in Puerto Rico during winter. Traveling the rest of the year and spending time with our children: Carla in Vermont with VMEC, Addrianna in London studying medicine, Joseph in UM studying music, Calvin H. at UVM engineering. Watching pelicans dive in the Caribbean, playing golf 4x a week @ 81 years old.” Glad to have avoided the pandemic.


From Minnesota MIKE HOFFMAN ( stayed “close to home for a year following the science, paid close attention to Fauci. I continue to run my Business Strategies consulting practice for contractors, small businesses. 4 sons and families (2 with families), 4 states, one here in  Minneapolis. Showing up and spry enough to walk and work the Peloton! Advises patience, be adaptable, pay attention…patience”.


WILLIAM KADNER ( in Walnut Creek CA “has had minimal contact with people, Zoom took over. Play violin in a string ensemble every week and a once a month book club on Zoom. My French Bulldog shares my life with me…am learning to be satisfied with the situation.”


From Mars, PA, CHARLES E. McCHESNEY ( is “staying busy avoiding Corona virus and spending time reading and following world news and domestic news. Grandchildren are in or entering university. All are on a good trajectory for careers. Keeping my wife happy remember ‘happy wife, happy life!’ Listen to those who know, ignore the idiots and take precautions seriously, your life depends on that approach.”


Having spent ‘57-’58 in the class of ‘61 DEANNA SPITZER NASS ( wonders if any one remembers her from Clara Dickson VI and art history. She “would welcome any reconnection with the brief friendships sparked there…technology has allowed me to gratify my life-long interest in the arts presenting me with a virtual reality of ballet performances, art exhibits and concerts that comprise the current cultural scene of NYC” her current home.


BARBARA POTTER SPERRY ( and husband Peter ‘60 are in Doylestown, PA. Barbara appreciates “more time at home, much more time with my spouse, way fewer miles on my car and increased daily appreciation of friends, family, technology and PPEs. Volunteerism: League of Women Voters Bucks County, YMCA Bucks County…we survived to vaccination! How blessed we are and have been throughout to have food, shelter and each other all held together by the strength of family and Zoom.


DIANE BAILLET MEAKEM ( reports “As of fall 2021, I will have four undergraduate grandchildren at Cornell! Very happy about that! Grandchildren ranging in age from 5 - 28 (16 of them) so we cover preschool through graduate school. Thank God all are well.


News has come to us of the death of classmate VIRGINIA “GINNY” LUCIE MARSHALL June 14 this year. She was a biochem major.


MADELINE RIFF POTASH wife of Arnold ‘58-‘61 has checked in from Orange, CT.


We thank all of you for submitting Class Notes and communicating with your classmates. Doug Fuss and Susan Stevens at