I'm writing this column in mid-June surrounded by Corona Virus and civil unrest.  You will receive your Alumni News in October shortly before a national election of great importance and controversy.  We live in interesting times.  On a lighter note we have news and updates from several classmates.

We begin with a lengthy note from Jane Sessler, “After spending my entire life living on Long Island, I have decided t sell my house in Manhasset and make my permanent residence upstate, outside Saratoga Springs.  Six years ago I bought a small modular house in a wonderful over- 55 community to enjoy summers at the thoroughbred horse races.  I have owned racehorses for 20 + years and considered it my retirement activity after 39 years of teaching mathematics at Manhasset High school where I was District Math coordinator.  I’ve had lots of experience with our racehorses from winning over 30 races to breeding our own horse, Heavenly Blaze, who won twice at Saratoga.  We’re still looking for a Derby horse.  I hope the move occurs by June for my 80th birthday although I have already celebrated that event by taking my family to Iceland in January.  Twelve of us went hoping to see the Northern Lights and although we were not lucky in that respect, we had an exciting trip with 90 mph winds closing the roads one day while the following day found us swimming in the Blue Lagoon. It was a fantastic trip for everyone – young and old. “

A brief note from Al Galves (agalves@comcast.net ) remembering the mighty BoBurger complete with fried egg and grilled onions.  We enjoyed these late down by the train station.  As Al recounts, “A great place to go after a date and tell lies about your date.” Trigger any memories?  The burgers were great.  Nobby Holmes wrote from Vero Beach, FL. “Playing a lot of golf and having fun with the market.  Laughing almost every day at the swamp and reading a lot, especially good old newspapers.  I see a lot of Frank Spitzmuller and had a nice visit with Nick Niles here in Florida.” Favorite dining experience – “Returning from hockey practice on a cold winter night to a fine dinner at Alpha Delt.”

My Facebook account picked up a posting from Fran Raab addressed to the Cornell Class of 1961.“You’ll never know what you will find when you clean up your basement!”  Fran included a photo of several LP’s including Cayuga’s Waiters “Cocktails for Twelve” and “The Sherwoods at Zincks”.  Bill Onorato added to the post by Fran that he had worked on the production of the Sherwoods album.  From Laguna Woods, CA. we hear from May Lee Ling.  “I volunteer as a lay counselor at the Health Ministry at Saddleback Church Laguna Woods Campus teaching CPR and first aid.  We have nine grandchildren with three graduated from college.  I’m blessed with a great husband, family and friends.  Hopefully the Covid-19 crisis will pass and we can continue travelling.”
From Linda Bors.  “We’ve lived in Ithaca for almost 55 years, just a few blocks from the campus.  Looking forward to our 60-year reunion!  Would like to hear from Pat W, Debby O, Ann W, Brit O  - and anyone else from 330 Triphammer Road and, I’ll always remember the great food at the Martha Van cafeteria… and the toasters on each table!”  Linda continues to volunteer at the Friends of the Library Book Sales in Ithaca.
George Downs (downs.george@gmail.com) sent a Class Note.  “What’s keeping me busy? Staying physically fit (for an 80 year old), managing family finances and travel fill my calendar along with twice a week visits from our eight year-old granddaughter.  Eight years of retirement has been a big change after 17 years at JPL and 27 years at MIT’s Lincoln Laboratory.”  Also, Theresa Baker-Degler (Elzas) sent a Class Note from Stanford CA.  “I’m active in Stanford organizations including continuing ed. classes, exercise, book club, friends and keeping contact with sons and grandkids.  Sons Julian and Felix live in NYC. I have six grandchildren.  The oldest will enter Harvard this Fall.  Her father Julian went to Harvard also.  Felix, who got his BS, MD and PhD at Stanford is now on Stanford’s Board of Trustees.  Hopefully the Covid-19 pandemic will relent and we can resume our travels.”
News from Gail Ripans (Kweller) (gkripans@gmail.com).  “Sadly, my husband Allan died in January after we had celebrated 55 years of marriage.   I have relocated to Lenbrook, a senior community in Atlanta.  This is a time of transition for me and our family.  I would like to hear from my classmates and, hopefully, will attend our 60th in June 2021”.   Again, on Facebook, Bob Iverson copied me on  the obituary of Jim Spindler. Jim was an outstanding oarsman and career attorney in Boston.  Unfortunately, on a similar note I was informed of the passing of Bruce Le \Page.  Bruce and I struggled through Mechanical Engineering together.  Years later we worked side-by-side at IBM in New York city.  Bruce was a fine professional and friend.
Meanwhile send us your news as usual to sastevens@gmail.com and dougout@attglobal.net