CAM 06152019

This column starts on a positive note with the following email from Ken Blanchard.  In May I have celebrated the 59th anniversary of my 21st birthday.  I know this year that a number of my classmates, including my freshman roommate and long-term friend Bob Lurcott, will be hitting that number.  Where have the years gone?  Happy birthday to all my classmates!”


 By the time you read this edition I will have crossed over the 80 divide myself followed in October by my youthful co-correspondent Sue Stevens.  And, of course, we have numerous more joining this somewhat exclusive club.  Personally, I wish I could put the brakes on the calendar but that is not going to happen.  As they say here at The Landings, “Let’s enjoy the back nine.“  Continuing in a similar vein we have a note from Bobbie Horowitz, “You may know that I won my 4th NY MAC Award this year.  It’s my third MAC Award for Best EMCEE.  This was for my series “It’s Just a Number!  in which I honor people over the age of 50 (usually 70 and above) who are doing great things and I have performers of all ages perform in their honor.  My next show isn’t till Oct 17th, because I’m taking a few months off to write a new show I intend to present for my 80th Birthday in May of 2020.”


 For the last submission of Class Notes, Susan, had several news forms that we’ve carried forward.  We do not want to miss anyone.  Leland T. Bookhart wrote that he and Martha are enjoying good health while in Staatsburg, NY.  Leland is busy with his woodworking shop and does occasional consulting jobs for a change of pace. Also, Mable Lamb Haliburton is living in Wolfville, Nova Scotia.  She enjoys writing letters, calling friends and walking.  “I am pleased at still being able to walk.”


An interesting note from Virginia Buchanan Clark who writes, “I’m still running the BookStart Fund ( and still enjoying it, but beginning to plan for its continuation once I can’t do it – or don’t want to!  Also, I still love making functional pottery and donating the best pieces to silent auctions for good causes.  Will ’60 and I are discussing the ‘long range plan’ and have decided to remain in Fort Wayne despite the lure of a retirement home in Vermont near daughter Alison Levy ‘84.


Jim Moore, the newest member of our Reunion Committee, is keeping a fast pace.  Jim married Geri Riddle in 2016 and they reside in Pittsford, NY.  He works as an arbitrator in commercial cases and is engaged in board memberships at a hospital and art gallery while taking art history classes.  He and Geri are travelling to Europe and Asia as well.  Another reunion chair, Carol Gittlin Franklin sent an update from Leonia NJ.  “The greatest honor I have received is from Cornell who archived the entire design portfolio of my firm, Carol Franklin Associates Inc., and recently added all of my notes that are coordinated to the portfolio.  All is housed in the Kroch Library, rare Books and Manuscripts.  Also, I am currently designing the interior of a synagogue and have recently completed designing apartments on Fifth Ave in Manhattan.  In my leisure time I am active in a book club with 14 of my SDT sorority sisters.”  We will be hearing more from Jim, Carol and the reunion committee as we approach our 60th in 2021. 


Jay Treadwell wrote that he and wife Peggy are travelling extensively with recent trips to the Galapagos (with grandsons), Aruba, England and France for a Hotel School conference.  Jay relates that he is “Setting goals for the continuing process of having four years of treatment for brain cancer.”  To the question “What was your best day at Cornell?”  Jay responded, “Being there and helping to manage the catering for our 55th reunion.”  Jay, we are saving a space at the 60th for you.


      Now, a note is in from our class photographer, Ed Goldman.  He and wife Judith reside in Manhattan and travel also.  Recently they visited Japan, again.  This time, beginning in Hokkaido and Northern Honshu they continued the tour ending in Osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo.  Ed recalls his significant moment at Cornell.  “On May 19, 1961 the ’61 Cornellian arrived from the book bindery!”  For those of you who don’t remember, Ed was the editor of our fine yearbook.



William Ovens sent an extensive update from Ladylake, Fl. ( “I spent years as a professor of Mech. Eng. at several universities retiring in 2003.  I have started a business designing and building custom furniture.  I will probably retire from this business in a couple of years.  Still playing lots of tennis.  After several years in Singapore followed by a stint in Papua, New Guinea we’d like to go back but the long term travel is proving difficult.”  William enjoys living on the lake and working without deadlines and schedule commitments.



      We thank all of you for sending us your Class Notes.  Our failing eyesight and your handwriting add to the issues of producing this column but we are more than up to the challenge.  Keep your notes coming to Susan Stevens at or