February in Boston, it must be time for the annual Cornell Alumni Class Officers meeting.  Our ’61  class mustered a stalwart crew.  Dick Tatlow (Pres.), Rosanna Romanelli Frank and Marshall braved the winter winds to represent us.  Dick hosted the class meeting via conference call and was joined by Pauline Degenfelder, Carol Franklin, Larry Wheeler and your class correspondent.   After the usual financial reports and administrivia the discussion turned to  our 60th reunion in June of 2021.  Pauline along with co-chairs Carol Franklin and Jim Moore have a preliminary schedule and plan for our event that will prove interesting and appealing to all of us.  For your planning purposes, this is the reunion when we are all eligible to stay at Statler Hall…at long last.  An interesting suggestion from the group involves a special pre-reunion planning and gathering meeting in North Florida next winter.  More will follow on this topic but we appreciate your thoughts.  A note in passing from Dick.  Attendance at the 60th for recent classes had roughly 110+ classmates and 160+ total.  We hope to exceed these numbers for our class.  By the time you read this column in the Alumni News, Larry Wheeler will have posted the complete minutes of the meeting on our website. www.cornell61.org

And, speaking of reunion, a significant update from Gary Busch,  We have sold our cargo ships and aircraft and have left the African transport industry. I am no longer a tourist in African wars.  I am being overwhelmed by an outbreak of peace in London and I only do political advising and provide private intelligence services to a variety of governments and political risk companies. There are no more crises.  Now I may be able to attend a reunion.”

Lars Aanning contributes a brief memoir of undergraduate days.  “Willard Straight Hall was a godsend for some of us.  I first worked as a short-order chef and waffle-bar man...later at the Straight Desk...napped on the huge couches...loved the reverberations from the jukebox in the Ivy Room...played billiards in the Game Room...escaped in the solitude of the Library...avoided the deafening Music Room...classic movies in the theatre…and I remember white-haired Foster Coffin.”  Similarly, Bob Everson writes, “You can check out Cornell live- heavy snow in Ithaca. Reminds me of the blizzard we had in Feb 1961 just before the start of the second semester http://www.cornell.edu/live-view/

Charley Hecht sent a lengthy note relating to our reunion but more specifically states, “ I am  a senior partner and continue at Wolf  Haldenstein Adler Freeman & Herz LLP.  I still am enthusiastic about  the practice of law.  However, I  recently gave up the art studio in Beijing. The purchasers invited me to stay as a guest in their other home in Beijing.  And Leslie and I have been in a position to help their children who have been working and one of whom has applied to college in the United States.  It turned out to be a win-win for everyone.  I then opened my own studio at 52-07 Flushing Ave., Maspeth, Queens, where, in addition to putting together the installations of components being fabricated in China, I create new sculptures. My website is www.charleshechtart.com

Still trolling on the reunion theme I came across a five year-old note I sent to Alex “Pineapple” Veech which prompted a fresh reply.  Alex responded quickly that he is alive and well and retired in Burlingame, California with his wife Linda.  Alex has sons working in NYC and San Francisco.

Snowbirds pass through Savannah with some regularity and give us a call.  We enjoy the opportunity to journey downtown for a dinner and some new memories with classmates.  Recently Charlie and Louise Betz stopped by for an enjoyable evening at the 1790 House.  Leaving the next day, the Betz’ were headed to Vero Beach to escape the rigors of winter at their Maine home.

As we conclude this column we find one, lonely class note, handwritten by Margo Zimmerman Fuld (mlfuld@icloud.com ).  She writes, “I am enjoying life, my work and my family.  Still time to enjoy good health and travel.”

Remember to let Susan and me know what’s going on in your life.  Doug Fuss, dougout@attglobal.net . Susan Williams Stevens, sastevens61@gmail.com