CAM 061518

After begging and pleading for you to send us Class Notes, something clicked.  A handful arrived from our Cornell Alumni Magazine editor giving us the content to fill this edition.  Susan and I thank you for responding.  We also received two last minute emails with news from Bob  Everson and Frank Cuzzi.

First from Bob Everson who also posted on Facebook, “Greetings to all classmates on the 57th anniversary of our graduation (and Barb's and my wedding).  After a fine dinner at Red Lobster, we came home to play some Cornell music (Alumni Song, Cornell, Strike up a Song, Crew Song, Evening Song, and Alma Mater). I hope you were able to catch the live streaming of Cornelliana 2018 from Bailey Hall Saturday Night.  As they say"... Oh to be twenty and back at Cornell."

And, news from Frank Cuzzi, “Hi Doug, I hope this note finds you well!  I had a great experience in May 2018 to spend a whole day with Ken and Margie Blanchard.  It started at lunch and went until late at night.  This kind of quality time is hard to find with old friends these days.  I enjoyed it immensely.  Ken was honored by the New Rochelle YMCA for his Leadership on all levels.  In his acceptance speech Ken was fabulous as usual.  On a sad note, two good friends, roommates, and DU Brothers passed away.  Warren Sundstrom and Dick Perkins both passed during May 2018.  Warren was Captain of our football team and one of the few All-American football players that Cornell experiences.  Warren is up for the Cornell Sports Hall of Fame if anyone wants to call the athletic department and find out more.  Call John Webster in the Athletic Department. Dick was an amazing person that everyone loved from the first meeting.  I always respected his service to the USA as a SAC pilot after Cornell.  Both men will be sorely missed.” 

Charlie Hecht ( ) wrote that he is still practicing law full time.  He is also a practicing artist and has been invited by the Polish Government to an international art exhibition taking place this August.  Recent travels, he writes, “Leslie and I just returned from three wonderful weeks in New Zealand and Australia.”  Charlie would like to hear from old friend Dick Allen.

Also writing, Jill Nagy, She and husband George reside in Troy, NY, “I’ve been tutoring Math for Literacy Volunteers.  Ask me anything about fractions.  I’m still on the boards of Rensselaer County LWV and Troy Chromatic Concerts.  Holding body and soul together with regular exercise.”  A quick note from Doug Dedrick .  “ I am enjoying retirement with winters at The Villages in Florida and summers in E. Aurora, NY.”  Willard Reed reports from Ocala, Fl. that he is doing volunteer work on the Florida Trail and is active in his church, Fort King Presbyterian.  Sadly, he lost his wife Helen last October.  He would like to hear from Donald Dean.

Leleand Bookhout writes from Staatsburg, NY. “I am still engaged in real estate consulting but most of my time is spent in the woodworking shop at home.  We celebrated out 55th wedding anniversary with our family of two children, six grandchildren and two great granddaughters.  Everyone is healthy and employed (except the youngsters).  I’m still looking for the place where the bass are bigger and year-round.”

Two brief updates.  One from Frederick Marcus who has moved north to Westport, NY and is working toward becoming a master gardener.  The other from Peggy Thomas residing in Ridgefield, CT.

Francis Shapiro Ivker has a permanent residence in Alabama and writes, “I see patients in outpatient gynecologic practice for 3 weeks in New Orleans, see my friends  then return to Birmingham for 3 weeks.  We toured Tasmania/Australia and New Zealand in late ’17 then a week in New Orleans with the kids to celebrate my daughter’s 50th birthday and Mardi Gras.  We are committed to more traveling while we can still hike.”  (a thought echoed by most of us!)

The marriage of Prince Harry and Meghan in May is no longer front page news but Bobbie Horowitz wrote an interesting rememberance on Facebook following the ceremony that I found interesting.  I am posting it here with her permission.  It's a day for cheering. I felt such joy watching Prince Harry's wedding on TV.  One of the warmest and most positive experiences I've had in my life was befriending Princess Diana when I was in London producing a musical at The Jermyn Street Theatre.  She came to see the show and we totally "hit it off!”  It would be hard to meet Princess Diana and not love her.  I was thrilled to be invited to and to attend young Prince Harry's surprise birthday party.  I think it was his 15th.  Diana's loss was a true loss to the world.  It's hard to get in touch with the prince now-and I can understand why that needs to be.  I'm sending my best blessing to him for his marriage through cheerful prayer.”

Our closing message hasn’t changed.  If you want to see a ’61 Class Column and catch up with your classmates we need your input.  Emails are quick and easy.  Susan will produce the next edition in two months.  Send us your news.  and