A new home and the last, I pray, for your Reno, NV correspondent. Still in Reno but on the south side and off the highway that heads to Incline Village at Lake Tahoe.

A lovely view of mounts Rose and Slide which was the desired spot.

We are sad now for our view which is overcome with smoke from California fires. I hope our classmates are free from losses due to the several conflagrations throughout that state.

There are a few notices from classmates starting with Ed Goldman. He writes “we went to Israel and Jordon (Petra and Wadi Rum) in March. My first time (very impressive) and Judith hadn’t been in Israel since 1970 (very changed). Enjoying our fabulous city, walking a lot. Wonderful ‘61 visit to Cornell Tech last month.”

Lassie Tischler Eicher (leicher@ cox.net) writes “I am sad to report that my  husband and best friend of 58 years, Myron “Mike” Eicher ‘60 passed away on April 22, 2018 -- just a few weeks before celebrating his 80th birthday in June.” So sorry, Lassie.

Gail Kweller Ripans (husband Allan Frank Ripans Hotel ’55) “teaches at Senior University of Greater Atlanta, international relations and U.S. Foreign Policy specializing in the Middle East. Three granddaughters in college, one in high school and twin grandsons are in 5th grade. We love entertaining and going to our condo in St. Pete Beach, Fla.”

She adds “I may write a book which is autobiographical.” Remembers Prof. Steven Muller.

William Kadner (wjradner@gmail.com) in Walnut Creek, CA “ is playing with a string ensemble, walking, some golfing, mostly goofing off (no more late night radiology calls!) Wife Jane passed away from breast cancer last Jan. 28.”

Larry Abrams (liabrams@verizon.net) in Potomac, MD is “still working full time as probate attorney in Bethesda.”

Diane Baillet Meakem (dbmeakem@aol.com) says “I have become a fitness nut! Living in Florida seven months a year, I play golf 2-3 times a week and work out at our Fitness Center 3 times a week. I feel great! Two granddaughters will enter Cornell as Freshmen this fall. Another got married 3/3/18! All others (total of 16) range in age from 2 to 25. When not in Florida (late May -- late October) I am in Greenwich, CT fairly near my big family.”

News from Gerald Schneider. He is “involved with three weekly contemporary issues discussion groups, as well as presentations on various topics at area senior centers. April 12, 2018 will include my 12th Holocaust Remembrance Day program. International travel trips continue: a river cruise around Belgium and Holland in late April 2018, and Australia in September 2018 (so far).” He would like to be “ working more directly on peace efforts worldwide. Would like to hear from Dick Todd ‘63 and remembers Laurence Hamilton, Conservation Dept. professor at Fernow Hall.”

From Worthington, OH, Carol Moore Durell (chershey1@aol.com)“is still running a gallery in a 200 year old building she bought in 2000, now called High Road Gallery & Studios, as a non profit show place for Ohio artists, home to 12 artists with studio space. Regular 2 month invited artists join us. We have receptions. She hopes to be still open in coming years.”

James Baden (jpbadenmd@gmail.com) says “work at Volunteers in Medicine Clinic -- free for underprivileged. Sing in Hilton Head Barber Shop chorus, active in Rotary.” Mentions extensive travel and wishes to be “getting younger”. Would like to hear from Ralph Gianuella.

From Weatherby Lake, MO. Donald P. Coleman writes he is half owner of Hydro-Mechanical Resorces, Inc., a mechanical construction company based in Batavia, NY. He’d like to hear from Sam Greenblatt. He was most impacted by Clinton Rossiter.”

There was an email discussion among classmates about women in Engineering at Cornell. Tom Lipinski (TPiwinski@dasny.org) wrote “I believe this year’s engineering class has 49% women representation.” Dale Adams (bocadale@comcast.net) says “As one of the women who started Engineering in 1957, I can attest to our needing encouragement. In those days we were discouraged from continuing in a ‘man’s field’. We saw no female role models. No women professors, etc. Times have changed. I shoulda been born 30 years later.”

Two classmates checked in: Jeffrey Gould (jbgould@stanford.edu) and Phyllis Mark Turner (phyllisgt@aol.com) from Seatauket, NY.

That’s all folks for this time. Please write to keep us informed about your lives. Susan Williams Stevens, sastevens61@gmail.com or Doug Fuss, dougout@attglobal.net.