Your Oregon class correspondent is now located in Reno, NV! A complete change of climate and environment involving psychological and physical adjustment. In time all will be managed, I trust.

Meanwhile I will share news of classmates. Adelle Case Picking ( and husband Howard (Skip) located in Johnstown, PA “enjoy working on community projects such as helping with a “white water park” for kayaking, boating, rafting…we enjoy skiing in Vail and Steamboat Springs Jan. to Apr. Daughter Liz is in Minneapolis with 6 year old son, son Andy in Steamboat Springs with 4 children, son Dan in Boston with 3 boys. Oldest grandson Jake is in Hollywood and played the policeman who was shot in the Boston Marathon movie. She says it was Skip who had the greatest impact on her at Cornell.” No surprise there, Adelle.

Ellie Browner Greco ( writes from Forked River, NJ. Where she is “still active in local Lacey Historical Society and Friends of the Lacey Library, collecting & researching textiles and especially antique quilts, buying and selling antiques and collectibles at local antique shows and keeping healthy. Although our daughter and son-in-law live in Colorado we spend as much time as we can with them. We still ski although I have switched to cross country since my diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease.” Ellie writes that they travel often with them, “last year to Peru and Utah…this year to Southern Africa for 2 weeks…they visit us especially to fish the Atlantic…Even though we love the mountains, living on the water has been a joy -- can’t imagine being anywhere else.”  She goes on to write “I continue to meet with students from my locale who are applying to Cornell and I am always pleased to mention to them that I am in touch with my classmates after all these years. It says something special about our class and friendships…friendships can last a lifetime!

A follow-up on classmate Gus Kappler noted in Doug’s column May/June 2017 issue. Gus wrote Welcome Home From Vietnam and describes Vietnam “life altering” We are encouraged to watch The Vietnam War PBS by Ken Burns.

From our class website: A $10 million challenge gift from classmates Barton and Susan Winokur is helping to launch a new fundraising campaign in the College of Arts and Sciences that will support the creation of 15-25 new endowed positions within the college over the next two years. Provost Michael Kotlikoff said “We are so very grateful that Bart and Susan are stepping forward at this critical time. Their gift, and the gifts it encourages from others, will create a solid foundation for the recruitment and retention of top faculty in the College of Arts and Sciences.”

An update from Bobbie Horowitz ( mentioned in the March/April 2016 issue. She reminds us of the cabaret series she writes and produces. She gives image workshops as well. Her son David ’90 and law ’92 is in theater and music and is appearing in NYC. She writes “I’d like to finish a musical & have it produced 1st off Broadway, 2nd on Broadway, 3rd regionally, 4th on film. My ILR classes taught me to 1) listen to people 2)understand that our planet is in development.”

Also an update from Gail Kweller Ripans from the March/April 2016 issue as well. She recommends the new National Center for Civil and Human Rights in Atlanta. “It recognizes our classmate Micky Schwerner and the freedom fighters and other leaders in the struggle” She and Allan ‘55 have 3 children and six grandchildren. Two of the children are Cornell grads, Jon ‘89 arts and Hally ‘94 hotel. She remembers her advisor, mentor and friend Professor Steven Mullen.

Joanne Shapiro Koch ( is another successful theater writer from our class  She is announcing a musical opening Oct. 6 - Nov. 12 in the Palm Beach Gardens Art Center in West Palm Beach, FL. The show is about 50s comic Belle Barth and received rave reviews at its preview performance in Tampa. Raunchy Little Musical- Belle Barth is Back. “The play is expertly crafted, and the actors were amazing to watch as they brought Joanne Koch’s word to life in a flawless production.”

Quick notes from Martin Goldstein who has just retired after teaching 50 years of political science at Widener Univ. and Craig Moore ( who says horses and jazz and grandkids keep him busy in retirement. He’d like to hear from all Fijis.

And finally: “In the dog days of summer two classmates passing through Savannah took the time to stop and visit with Doug and Sue Fuss. Reg and Kathie Woods were visiting The Landings and joined us for lunch. They are in the process of downsizing but will remain in Charlottesville, VA. Also, Larry Wheeler,  our webmeister, and wife Margaret joined us for dinner in the downtown historic district. They were spending the week in Savannah accompanying their two granddaughters. One was attending a week long academic camp at Savannah College of Art and Design. The other, Macey was along for the vacation and joined us for the evening.” Please remember to send your news to Susan Williams Stevens at and Doug Fuss at