61 Many classmates have been sending new addresses. Lassie Tischler Eicher and husband Mike ‘60 are now in Scottsdale, AZ; William Keltz (billkeltz@verizon.net) is in West Chester, PA; Judith Friedman Brandeis (mommabran@aol.com) and husband Peter also relocated to Scottsdale; and Bob Herdt is now living in “a great retirement village in Connecticut”. Dave Waks and wife Sandy “are now full-time residents of Sanibel Island, FL”.  Stephanie Rehnberg Murray and husband, Doug, live in North Stonington, CT, and travel to Montana "to spend time at Greycliffs Lodge (which we own) mingling with guests and enjoying the beautiful scenery.” 

Miriam Adam Swanson with husband David (mswanson@hawaiiantel.net) live in Kihei, HI .  Nelson Spencer (spenshaw@aol.com), married to Brenda, is still in the property business in Dallas, TX .  Louis S. Jagerman, (Bellingham, WA) has written a new book Quantum Mechanics that Makes Sense: Demystifying the Mysteries, which is written for the amateur scientist.  Judith Locker Adelson (jaadel@verizon.net) is “making and selling jewelry. Started accidentally about 10 years ago and have become passionate. I work with gold, semi-precious stones and with ancient beads, mostly Southeast Asian.”

Edwards "Pete" O’Boyle (ecojan@juno.com), Snellville, GA, is enjoying retirement with his wife Janet.  Edward "Ed" Robbins (e.robbins@frontier.com) lives with wife Dian in Hebron, IL, and will be retired by the time you read this.  Judy Rensin Mandell (judy804@aol.com), is on the Cornell Council and does freelance writing. She and husband Jerry ’58, MD ’62, are in North Garden, VA. William Magee and spouse Jeanette are in Cazenovia, NY.  William writes “I'm in my 23rd year as a member of the NYS Assembly and am also an auctioneer.”  Wilmot “Bill” Carter (bgolfer1448@aol.com) lives with wife Sherry in Dewey, AZ.  Bill is Director of Missions at the First Southern Baptist Church of Prescott Valley, AZ.  " We serve a Navajo Indian Mission in Klagetoh, Navajo Nation."  Bradley Griffin and wife Nita Ostrander are in Groton, NY. Bradley is retired and enjoying doing the typical retirement pursuits as well as “presentations on historical subjects.”

Robert B. Gambino (rbgambino@snet.net) writes " i'm working with our residents' association solving local land use issues and developing a neat niche business eradicating Phragmites -- the invasive weed taking over our wetlands.”  He encloses a business card describing his weed control business. Catherine Graeffe Burke is in San Gabriel, CA.   At USC she’s “working on a research project on automated transportation networks (ATNs).  The project could lead to cost effective, safe and very low polluting transportation in urban and suburban areas. I'd like to improve the environment for present and future generations.”

Deanna Palmer Kaplan, MEd '62 (deefkaplan@gmail.com) is active with Cornell interviews and is on the local alumni board in Eatontown, NJ. Robert Stamper (stamperr@vision.ucsf.edu) is at UCSF “developing methods for finding and treating glaucoma in developing countries -- preventing world blindness.” He and his wife Naomi live in San Francisco. May Lee Ling (Yen-yi Lee) with husband Chung-Li Ling reside in Laguna Woods, CA.  May does translations from English to Chinese for the Saddleback Hong Kong campus which was launched in October 2013. Steven Stein (steven.stein@dentons.com) and Susan Volpert Stein ‘62 are in Greenwich, CT. Steven writes "I am counsel to Dentons (an international law firm) in the NYC office, coordinating lawyers in Dentons' offices in the US, UK, France, Turkey and China on common global strategy for a technology client.  I would like to write about what really mattered based on my life experience.” Brenda Young Crawford (helivet@aol.com) and mate James Anthony Crawford ‘62 DVM are enjoying family and traveling.  They are in touch with the veterinary community of Cornell. Brenda had a fun three days in Philadelphia with Mary Ellen Zolper Cummings, BFA '61, Barb Hasenzahl Ecklemeyer, Ellie Sanford Erskine, Joan Ware Mead, BArch '65, Mary Ann Roda Horan, Nancy Ricksecker Renkens and Pat Kelly Poggi ‘63.

Charles (charlie1939@hotmail.com) and Ruth Ann Seefeldt McChesney live in Mars, PA.  Charles is a church volunteer and does artwork and content for Pittsburgh Concert Chorales: "four program books, the season brochure, and four reminder postcards and I attend board meetings as a member. I row two or three times a week with the Chautauqua Lake Rowing Association, raced in Cleveland, and ski in the winter at Seven Springs in the Laurel Mountains of Pennsylvania.” George Sarkus (gsarkus@twcny-rr.com) writes from Bridgeport, NY.  He and wife Lynn “have traveled extensively in the past but are focusing on the North American continent by motor home this year.”  He also spends time with children and grandchildren, as we all do these days.  He adds that he’s glad to “have time for adventure or to be helpful.”

Preston (pwshimer@comcast.net) and Annette Gates Shimer ‘62 live in Pittsburgh, PA. He writes "I am a community activist working for progressive government, gun safety, environmental protection and individual rights.  Finishing up a 12-year stint as the administrator of a professional foundation serving the information management community.  Advancing the profession of information management is important to me.” Gail Kweller Ripans, Atlanta, GA, (ripans@mindspring.com) is teaching international relations at Senior U. in Mercer. She and husband Allan ‘55 are enjoying being grandparents and traveling to be with family. They were looking forward to a February cruise to Honduras. I’ve almost used all the news I had, so keep us informed as usual. Susan Williams Stevens, sastevens61@gmail.com; Doug Fuss, dougout@attglobal.net.