61 Lots of news from our classmates.  More than enough to fill this column so please do not be disappointed if your input carries forward to a later edition. Recently, Sue and I met in historic Savannah for lunch with my former roommate  Fred Beck '58, LLB 63, and his wife, Patti.  They have been living in Hilton Head, SC,for several years and recently ran into Don Whitaker, another former roommate now living there also.  After many years of silence, I received an email and photo from Alex Veech, aka “Pineapple.”  Alex picked up the nickname at frosh camp-- given his home in Hawaii . He now resides in San Francisco . He wrote,  “My wife, Linda, and I managed a ‘mini-reunion’ in Baltimore with Scon and Jean Travis Boccuti, accompanied by Scon and Jean’s grand-daughter Erica for lunch.  The occasion was, following a visit to Monticello , to pay off a crab dinner Super Bowl bet I made with Scon – and lost – when his Baltimore Ravens beat my San Francisco '49ers.  The chance to have a mini-reunion with Scon made it the best bet I ever lost.” In my return email to Alex, I couldn’t overlook the birth of our daughter Elizabeth’s first child, Henrik.  Elizabeth, Karl and Henrik live in Seattle, WA, so our next trip could result in another mini-reunion in San Francisco .  

Our new online news form seems to be working well.  The CAM office was able to forward several responses including this from Jill Beckoff Nagy (nagyjill0@gmail.com):  “I’m Slowly adjusting to retirement.  We traveled a lot the first year - Switzerland , France , Japan and various places in the US .  We’re sticking closer to home this year, with shorter expeditions to hike, meet up with friends and family.  I'm keeping busy doing pro bono legal work and writing for a small local newspaper. Both kids are professors. Daughter Naomi is a linguist at U of Toronto and son Edwin is a civil engineer at U. of Maine.  Montreal is our most convenient reunion spot.”   

Another update came from Laurence Hoard (hoardlg@yahoo.com) “I've retired from teaching in New York City and Patti has retired from banking (when I was earning my PhD at the U. of Michigan , Patti was the personal banker to Frank H.T. Rhodes).  I enjoyed joining the Glee Club, seeing them take second place in an international competition, and then joining their United Kingdom tour."  Bruce Harris was another alum touring.  "There is lots of singing in my life as I am in two different church choirs, Warwick Valley Chorale, and as many Glee Club concerts I can get to. In one stretch of 19 days, I sang in the Reunion and Cornelliana Concerts with the Glee Club, two performances of Schubert's Messe, the Rutter Magnificat in Avery Fisher Hall, and a concert in Newburgh ." Another singer in Newburgh was David Rider '62, a fellow traveler with Bruce and me on the 1960 Glee Club visit to the Soviet Union ." Over the years Laurence has kept in touch with Andy Thomas and Ginny Lucie Marshall. 

Lynn Phifer Keller (Ramona, CA; lynn.phifer@gmail.comwrites, “I have edited a second edition of The Good and Heavenly Counsel by Mrs. Grace Smith, which was written in 1712 and is being published this week.  She was my tenth-generation grandmother.  Her book is the sole book written by a Calvinist woman in Colonial America.  Two books will follow: one about her, the other about her son Samuel and Smith's Tavern on the Outer Cape .  Grace had the moral authority, and her husband, Ralph, had the business savvy.  It has been fascinating to research and find that the people most like me, are my own ancestors.  I am just putting up my website (www.capecod1712.com) to discuss her book and those to follow.”  Ron Sander, MS '64, has retired from the Sander Group Inc., but is also wrestling with Parkinson’s disease.  “Nonetheless we are planning our 50th anniversary trip for next year.  Our kids want to go back with us to Mala Mala, the same South African safari resort we visited 5 years ago.  I note also that the careers of our three sons, a General Contractor, an EPA lawyer and an Architect, are progressing nicely, along with their wives and kids.”  Ron also mentions keeping in touch with Marco Minasso, Ron Poggi '62, and Andy Duymovic '62.  

Jeffrey Fisher (jlf10128@aol.com) writes,  “I have been enjoying life since I sold my business ten years ago, spending equal time in East Hampton and New York City.  The company is flourishing and is now owned by Berkshire Hathaway (Warren Buffett).  In our community, I founded the East Hampton Group for Good Government.  It's been an educational and rewarding experience watching the changes that we have been able to put in place.  My wife, Patricia, has an interior design firm (PatriciaDesign.com).  She currently has a room at the Designer Showhouse, a benefit for the Southampton Hospital .” 

Keep your classmates in mind when you visit Facebook, Linkedin and other social networking sites.  Bobbie Horowitz posts regularly on Facebook as doess Bill Onorato.  I’ve also seen posts recently from Jack Neafsey, MBA '63, and Frank Cuzzi, MBA '64.  The Internet is helping, but we still encourage your emails and hard-copy Class Notes updates.  Send us your latest adventures.  Our latest was a month-long tour of the Ukraine, Russia and the Baltic states .  We’re now planning for 2014, as long as we have the desire and physical ability to continue travelling.  Drop us a note.  Doug Fuss, dougout@attglobal.net; or Susan Williams Stevens, sastevens61@gmail.com .