61 Greetings from Oregon on a cool sunny day.  Thankfully, many of  our classmates have been returning the class news form and I’m happy to quote their news and comments which I guarantee you will enjoy.  Fred Siegal (New York, NY; fpsiegal@mac.com) says he spends his time ”reading, rehabilitating flooded summer home on Fire Island after Superstorm Sandy, completing a medical article to submit for publication, and creating a viable structure for retirement that started in June, 2012.” (That, we all could use, Fred). Gorden Lee Seward (Bergen, NY) stapled his business card to his form, announcing Gor-Del Farms (Del referring to his wife Delores). Gorden raises red and white Holsteins and features Bull Oxen in parades.  His other activities include: “grave digger, part time farmer, making firewood, renting out 2 houses (if they pay!) and counseling -- marriage & wedding & more."  He can’t retire “because I never had W-2 work in my life, no one paid my health care or Social Security or retirement.”  He’d like to hear from Allen Shapely, MS '63.

Peggy Monkmeyer Mastroianni is in D.C.  She works full-time as legal counsel of the US EEOC to advance the civil rights goals of President Obama -- "a very ambitious policy agenda that I am responsible for advancing.  I love what I do.  When I no longer love my job, I will retire and figure out other ways to work."  Peggy adds, "I meet every year for a long weekend (sacred) with 3 great women from 1961:  Linda McCarthy Schick, Kati Taylor Boland and Nancy Jo Cooper Cameron. It is one of the most important events of my life.  When I came to Cornell I was 16 years old, totally naïve, and a product of a public girls high school. All I brought to Cornell was my belief in English Literature & liberal arts.” Bruce Cowan is a retired physician living in Williamsburg, MA.  “I tend my farm, read, play the guitar, shoot a longbow and a flintlock rifle (target only).  I cook.  I write and am content where I am and with what I do.”

Ellie Browner Greco (misselliegreco@gmail.com) writes “Bill and I live on the water about 200 yards off Barnegat Bay in Forked River, NJ.  We went through a scary time with Hurricane Sandy.  We live a few houses away from several homes that were totally destroyed, while our home had little damage.  The vagaries of nature are baffling.  It is heart-warming to see how people have met the challenges and disheartening to hear of looters taking things from neighbors who had disasters.  Certainly living through this time is life-changing.”  Ellie mentioned how she decorated her space at Cornell with a corduroy fabric as curtains and a chair cover.  “I still have that fabric.  A quilter friend made it into a lap quilt, which is now 20 years old - I have it still.” 

Frank Cuzzi, MBA '64, announces his new book, Make $$$ in Sports Without Breaking a Sweat, available now on Amazon and createspace.com/4155769.  We learned this from a Facebook/LinkedIn social media message.  The article calls Frank a “Sports Man for all Seasons” - an unequaled sports professional in the areas of sales, marketing, economics, teaching, consulting and leadership.  Simply put, Frank does it all.” Myron "Mike" Eicher '60 (meicher@cox.net), husband of our classmate Lassie Tischler Eicher (leicher@cox.net), has written a new book, Travel for Seniors Made Easy, that will be available from the usual sources when you read this.  It offers tips, checklists, anecdotes, many photos and senior-friendly sites.

Al Bruce, BS '65, reports that “Several class of 1961 Central New York alumni have created their own ‘Rump Reunion’.  Richard Beal, Pat Brown and Joe Molino '60 - with occasional attendance from Joe’s brother Carmon ‘58 and Al too infrequently - enjoy a quiet lunch at Antonetta’s in Rochester, NY. The go-to subject is always ‘Whatever happened to…”  Lively conversation explores Richard’s career as an Eastman Kodak senior research chemist and winner of the youth soccer national Coach of the Year award.  Pat, as an NYDOT right-of-way engineer, helped transform a sepia-toned 1942 map of Central and Western NY land ownership into I-86.  Joe’s career diversity includes a decade of membership on the Wayne Cty Board of Supervisors and as an excavation contractor who’s dug from the northern tier of Pennsylvania to the north of the Tug Hill Plateau.  Al is a retired banker who moved from Dixie to within two hours of Alma Mater.  His hobby: reporting for the daily Hornell Tribune about area school districts while writing a self-deprecatory column, ‘Ask Dr. Answer-Expert’, billed as 'Weakly Nonsense'. Critics say Joe, Pat and Richard write the column.  That’s wrong - they only write the good stuff.  Al self-published a humorous expose of Vermont innkeeping called 'Damn this Inn'.  Royalties to date, $3.19, probably what classmate Ken Blanchard, PhD '67, earns in a nanosecond.”

A personal note to the Eulogy for Steven Muller, PhD '58, from Gail Kweller Ripans. (ripans@mindspring.com): "I took his first course as a professor on Political Theory in the fall of 1958.”  He became her advisor and aided her Honors in Government Phi Beta Kappa.  Lifelong friends, she believes he was “a great asset to Cornell.”  Gail teaches international relations at Senior University at Mercer U.'s Atlanta campus. Please keep your news coming. Susan Williams Stevens, sastevens61@gmail.com; Doug Fuss, dougout@attglobal.net. Online news form, http://www.alumni.cornell.edu/participate/class-notes.cfm