61 Greetings to you all again from coastal Oregon.  Those of you who live east of the Cascade Mountain range should know what’s happening on the western coast since the earthquake which shook Japan in March, 2011.  The tsunami that resulted from the quake has brought debris of all sorts to the Pacific coast. A large deck was washed to the beach just north of Newport.  Cleaning it of possible dangerous bacteria and then breaking it up to move it was quite a task.  A floating fishing boat off the coast of Alaska was blown up to keep it from coming to the shore.  One story was the finding of a soccer ball with a person’s name written on it.  It was returned to Japan, perhaps to the owner. Volunteers regularly patrol the coasts to collect whatever bits and pieces are found.  It keeps coming. The federal government provided some money to help -- it’s already been spent.  Anyway, I just thought you might be interested.  So on to the class news.

We received an informative letter from Erlinda Enriquez Panlilio (epanlil@gmail.com). She was proud to have gone to the hotel school and was the first student from the Philippines.  She writes “Following my retirement from the family business of hotels, restaurants and an airline catering business, I went back to college, to the University of the Philippines, where I had graduated with a BS in foods and nutrition in 1959, to enroll in an masters course in creative writing in the English department.  I earned the MA in 2000 and published my mother’s biography as part of my thesis.  The book was awarded 'Best Biography' by the Manila Critics Circle in the National Book Awards of 2001.  Since then I have been editing anthologies on food, personal essays on widowhood (I was widowed in 1999), travel, etc.  To date, I have edited six anthologies and all except one were awarded ‘best’ in their respective categories.  Am pleased to have reinvented myself.  I have four children and 10 grandkids -- five of whom live in London where my son and daughter live.  Two children went to the Wharton School at Penn and one to UMass, Amherst.”  Her favorite memory of Cornell was “Seeing my first snow!  Looking out the window from my dorm in Sage Hall (it was a dorm for women then) upon waking, to be greeted by a blanket of snow.  I rushed out to feel it and walk on it.  What an exhilarating experience.” Erlinda would like to hear from Marion “Sue” Auchter '63 and Myra Thim Tattenbaum '62 and asks “Where is Paul Auchter '60, JD '64?”

Adelle Case Picking (adellep@earthlink.net) and husband Howard '60, MBA '62, are in Johnstown, PA.  She writes, "I'm involved in fundraising and direction of Westmont Family Counseling Ministries, visiting grandchildren and children, biking, skiing, other community activities. I recently chaired a dinner to raise funds for charity”.  She’s just off the board of the Johnstown Symphony Auxiliary and is involved with church activities on Sunday.  In addition she’s “working on cleaner streams in the area.”  She’d rather have more leisure time to see grandchildren in Boston, Minneapolis and Steamboat Springs. Bob (herner@msu.edu) and Susan Spencer Herner live in Williamston, MI.  “Because of Sue’s MS I have become the homemaker and caregiver.  But I also have been reading and doing a lot of genealogy of both our families.  Sue and I like to attend Broadway plays at Michigan State and plays at our local professional theater, as well as MSU BB games. After being retired and not teaching for 11 years, I have been teaching applied plant physiology for horticulture and crop science students at MSU.  I am substituting for a faculty member who moved up the ranks.  We also enjoy eating out  at all kinds of ethnic restaurants.”  So do I, Bob.

Also in Michigan, Ira Firestone (aa1358@wayne.edu) lives in Bloomfield Hills. “I'm winding down a long career as a psychology professor at Wayne State University” and volunteering at the local library and the Detroit Institute of the Arts.  Our two daughters have each had two daughters of their own, while our son completed a PhD in chemical biology at Stanford and works as a post-doc with his lady love at UC San Francisco."  Ira's favorite Cornell memory is times spent at Watermargin.  Would like to hear from former roomie Monty Kingsley, BA'63. Marilyn McCarthy Nutting has returned from a wonderful trip in France.  "The first week was spent in a whirlwind visit of Paris enjoying the culture and food.  The second week was spent bicycling in the Loire River valley near Sancerre as part of a bike and barge trip.  The country villages, historic churches, castles, chateaux, gardens, vineyards, local markets, and food were indeed memorable.  Bicycling was a great way to experience the countryside and get some exercise as well.” We all need exercise, don’t we?  So take up your pen, or key us a message about your life and current thoughts.  Ever your correspondents, Susan Williams Stevens, sastevens61@gmail.com; Doug Fuss, dougout@attglobal.net.