61 Greetings, classmates. As I write it's August here on the coast of Oregon, and while many of you have had very hot summers, it's been mild here, with temperatures in the 60's and 70's. The rain makes the Oregon coast very beautiful, so you might think of a visit sometime.

Hal Binyon (hbinyon3@aol.com) checks in from Bonita Springs, FL. Mark Schimmel is in Wentzville, MO. Mark Witkin (mwitkin@globalhockey.net), an attorney, lives in Chestnut Hill, MA, and is a partner with Bloom and Witkin. Andrew Thomas (andyjuil@aol.com) is in NYC. He is director emeritus of the pre-college division of the Juilliard School. He's also on the composition faculty. After hours he's "composing, conduction, and teaching (China, Korea)."

Frank Gray (fgray_pat@msn.com) is out here with me in Oregon in Lake Oswego. He's a retired part-time patent attorney/consultant and enjoys golf, reading, plays, concerts, ballet, and travel. May Lee Ling writes from Laguna Woods, CA. She's retired and traveled to Holland for two weeks with Bike and Barge, then later to Greece. Her route, she reports, "followed the footsteps of Paul." Ruth Elcan writes from Pelham, MA (rvelcan@comcast.net). She's reitred and is painting. "Just participated in open studio weekend with other artists in the building and now planning for a March show in the Amherst, MA, library. Also cleaning up yard and nearby hiking trails after the freak (2011) Halloween snowstorm in the Northeast." She'd like to hear from Susan Wainger.

Helen Trubek Glenn is a retired RN. "I taught with the Poetry in Schools program in Connecticut, but have now remarried after my first husband's death (John Glenn, MD '65) and am (mostly) living in Florida." Douglas Dedrick, DVM '61 (drdoug316@aol.com) lives in East Aurora, NY, and is retired. He spends his time "reading, exercising, riding bicycle or horseback, and volunteering at church." Also: "Yard work around my home and barn and preparing to be a counselor for the Franklin Graham Crusade in Septmeber." He's helping his son build a new log house and writes that he'd rather be playing tennis. He'd like to hear from Beverly Wickesser Lee.

I managed to contact Don Young (notleh74@gmail.com) because I missed him at Reunion. He's retired from his career as an institutional investment manager and chairman of Invesco's Global Structured Products Group, which he started in 1982. The Group was international and managed $23 billion nor more than 300 clients. That work not being enough, Don has written two books, You Can Do It: An Easy Step-By-Step Guide to Financial Security, and Restore the Future: The Second American Revolution. Details of his life and career and books can be sen on his website: donaldhyoung.com. Don lives in Montclair, NJ, with Karen, his wife of 40 years.

Since I needed more from you out there, I phoned my friend Judy Reamer Cox. She tells about how proud she is that her children (and their father, Bill Cox) are all Cornellians: Jim '86, Ted '88, and Kate Cox Seidenwurm '93. She enjoys visits with Jim (a gastroenterologist) in Plano, TX, Ted (a certified financial analyst) in Richmond, VA, and Kate (a landscape designer), who is nearby in San Diego. So what about Judy? She lives in Carlsbad, CA, and leads an active life. Her main interest is playing the oboe in a concert band composed of seniors who played years ago and are relearning and playing again. She still works at a department store and for fun she plays mahjong, bridge, and Bunco. She's also in a book club and dances in a Zumba class. Having grandsons nearby finds her at soccer, baseball, and football games. There you have it!

I've come to the end of my column. If you don't send your news, we may be forced to phone you as I have done with Judy. Please send us your news as soon as you read this. Susan Williams Stevens, sastevens61@gmail.com; Doug Fuss, dougout@attglobal.net.