61 Pauline Sutta Degenfelder writes, “My husband Joe ‘60 and I made our third trip to China .  We focused on Shanghai where our son Eric ‘86 works for DuPont.  An additional trip was made to Suzhou , to the I.M. Pei Museum .  Along with the buildings in Shanghai , it speaks to a startlingly imaginative perspective.  We shifted to Class activities in December joining Doug and Joanna Uhler in Los Angeles for dinner and plans for our 55th reunion.  In January, we then met with Peter Greenberg in New York .  We would like to increase our classmates' input to our next reunion and ask that you send ideas to Pauline at pdegenfeld@aol.com and Doug at duhler@verizon.net.  We appreciated your survey comments and will incorporate them in our planning.  Also, we attended the 2012 President's Circle Dinner where David Skorton highlighted the recent award to Cornell and Technion for a technology campus in New York City .  Other classmates in attendance included Peter and Nancy Schlegel Meinig ‘62, Jack MBA ’63 and Rilla Neafsey, Chuck and  Ilda Lee, Richard ’58 and Lynn Rothenberg Kay, and Bill ’59 and Jackie Grimm Kingston . “ 


Following the renewal of our latest dues year, several of you sent along news forms describing current activities.  Jill Beckoff Nagy (nagyjill0@gmail.com) writes, "We’re trying to adjust to retirement -- mine and my husband's.  I'm co-president of the local chapter of the League of Women Voters, and secretary of the board for the Troy Chromatics Concerts and the Troy Community Food Co-op.  I've also been reading a lot.”  And from Ed Robbins (E.L.Robbins@hughes.net ) “My present day job is as advisor to Ernst & Young LLP, doing actuarial consulting.  I'm also a board member of the Land Conservancy of McHenry County.  William Kadner (WJKadnor@gmail.com) has retired.  ”My activities include walking, reading, and attending lectures. We moved from rainy Portland , OR , to a sunny, warm, active adult community in Walnut Creek , CA ."   

Frances Shapiro Ivker (drfbi@netzero.com) writes, "I'm an office gynecologist in New Orleans a quarter of the time, and a soccer grandma in Birmingham , AL , three-quarters of the time.  I also go to contra and Cajun dances in both places.  We had a great two-week trip to Costa Rica in August for our 45th anniversary.  At our reunion, I had fun but felt that not enough attention was paid to it being a "milestone".  Adelle Case Picking  (adellep@earthlink.net) is also retired. "I ski at Vail, direct family counseling fundraising, and make visits to seven grandchildren and their families. We’ve recently been to Bremerton for Concurrent Technologies Corp. My husband Skip ’60, MBA ’62 is chairman of the board.  Our daughter Liz Picking McLay '90, MS '97, lives in Minneapolis and works full-time at Brookfield .  She had a baby boy in her early 40s and I try to help when she has to travel."   

John King (jmk94903@hotmail.com) writes from San Rafael , CA along with his wife Susan (Boesel) '62.  "I’ve retired and re-retired from my part-time after retirement job as well.  I also participate in a computer club.  I enjoyed our 50th Reunion , which was well done.  I ran into many classmates that I hoped to see.  I'll have to do this again, perhaps in less than 25 years." From Ithaca ,  Jacqueline Klune Brellochs (pandaganewfs@aol.com) wrotes,  “ I breed and train Newfoundland dogs and have been going to dog shows and visiting my sons. Christopher, 41, had a concert in Poughkeepsie , NY , of musical works from his CD, ‘ Quiet City ,’ featuring restructured work of Aaron Copland's, including previously unrecorded movements. Gregory, 38, has exhibits at art galleries in the Philadelphia area."  Nearby in Cazenovia, William Magee (friendsofBillMagee@yahoo.com) writes, "I'm New York State Assemblyman for the 111th District and a self-employed auctioneer, so have been spending time auctioneering and working with civic clubs.  As chair of the NYS Assembly Agriculture Committee, I have been working closely with farmers and agricultural advocates of all kinds in promoting the industry and improving the market."    

Jay Treadwell   (Jaytread@comcast.net) is the owner/partner of the Optimum Group food service consultants, as well as a photographer, runner, swimmer, and gardener.  “I advised the producers of the TV series 'PanAm' about the food service and interiors of the 1959/'60s 707 aircraft, having been director of in-flight service for PanAm. This last position was in the last two years of my 11-year employment with them."  James Moore, LLB ’64 (JCMoore1939@gmail.com) wrote, "I’m mostly retired from law practice but sit as an arbitrator/mediator three to four times per week.  Have been learning to live alone for the first time in almost 50 years.  I see opera in NYC and go to Europe as often as possible, studying Italian artists, especially Caravaggio."  

Finally, two abbreviated press releases as we meet our space limits.  “Students from Cornell University Sustainable Design arranged an Interdisciplinary Sustainability Student Summit ( ISSS ), a one-day conference themed on sustainability, entrepreneurship, innovation, and student initiative.”  Carol Gittlin Franklin (Carol@CFAinteriors.com), a space planner/interior designer whose professional portfolio has been archived by Cornell in the Kroch Library, was asked to participate as a speaker on the panel.   Also: “More than 270 members of the Cornell Asian Alumni Association (CAAA) and their guests honored its former president, Irene H.S. So, at the 21st annual CAAA Banquet, January 21, at Grand Harmony Palace in Manhattan 's Chinatown .”


As always, we need your continued support and input to make the column a success.  Send us an email with your news:  Doug Fuss , dougout@attglobal.net; Susan Williams Stevens, sastevens61@gmail.com .