61 Our electronic mailbag has served us well. We sent out an e-mail solicitation in September 2008 that generated an enthusiastic class response. Now, more than a year later we are nearing the end of our Class Notes responses. We apologize to those who have waited patiently for publication. Please read on. First, a note from David Cantor: "My wife Karen and I have been living in the Washington, DC, area since 1970. I still practice oral surgery and am now trying to figure out how to keep life interesting after retirement. We have sons Brian '92 and Neil '94, who have presented us with three grandsons, two of whom were born five days apart in December 2008. Both families live in the Washington area, giving us plenty of 'face time' (babysitting opportunities) with the grandchildren. Since I closed my solo practice ten years ago, we have had more time to travel, and try to take a major trip every two years or so. We occasionally run into Jody Dreyfus, John Krooth, and Larry Abrams at our country club. All are doing well."

Class vice president Ginny Buchanan Clark sent an informative and newsy note. "This year we spent more time than ever before at our summer place on Lake Michigan, about four hours from our real home in Fort Wayne, IN. Among many visitors this year were Dan '60, MBA '61, and Jann Powell Bidwell, who have been joining us each summer from their home in Grand Rapids for a few days of golf and tennis and beach walks. Also this year, Bruce and Joyce Herbert, both childhood friends of mine, visited and we tried out the challenging links course on Lake Michigan, Arcadia Bluffs. Husband Will '60 continues to enjoy his life as a sculptor. His most recent and largest commission is a bust of Abraham Lincoln for a state park in southern Indiana near the site of the Lincoln family farm. Will and an architect friend won a statewide competition with their proposal of a circular plaza with information about Lincoln's 14 years in Indiana (age 7 to 21) and Will's bust of Lincoln during the final days of his presidency. So as not to be left out, I'm trying to become a potter. In April, I took my daughter Alison Clark Levy '84 and her 16-year-old twin daughters to Rome for a week of sightseeing, bonding and joyful times. A never-to-be-forgotten trip for all of us."

Jann Powell Bidwell wrote in herself as well. "Michigan is a great place to live in the summer, but Dan and I have purchased a condo in Oak Creek Village, near Sedona, AZ, where we plan to spend the winters. It is a beautiful place to hike, kayak, play tennis, and golf. Our oldest daughter, Deborah Bidwell Ainslie '88, husband Scott '88, MS '91, MBA '96, and family, who lived in Malaysia, Bangladesh, and Vietnam for 11 of the last 15 years, moved to Edina, MN, in January. This is quite a shock for our three grandkids, who have lived all their lives in the tropics. Dan and I have traveled in Bangladesh, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Borneo, and Vietnam because of them. Several years ago, we climbed Mt. Kinabalu, the highest peak in South Asia; last year we rode bikes from Dalat, in the mountains, to an ocean resort in Vietnam."

From David Marks, BCE '62, MS '64: Please note that I have not yet retired from the MIT faculty and am still deeply involved at MIT directing projects in energy, environment, and sustainability in Cyprus, Abu Dhabi, Portugal, and through the Alliance for Global Sustainability (MIT, University of Tokyo, Chalmers University, Sweden, ETH Zurich, Switzerland). A group including Bill Friedman, BEP '63, MS '65, Michael Falk, Edward Goldberg, Marvin Schulman, PhD '67, David Diamond, Joel Jayson, ME '62, and our companions continues to meet each summer in the Berkshires to celebrate our 50-year friendship. As we age, the stories of Cornell become more lively and unbelievable." Lastly, an update and a brief note from Dan Reisman. "I have been retired for two years now, and volunteer at a local nursing home--I am the 'Scrabble coordinator'. I love playing Scrabble with these people. There is one, a lady who is 94, who wins about half the time--with no help!"

On that optimistic note let me end this edition of Class Notes. Please, send us an e-mail or drop us a note, but stay in touch. Your classmates want to hear from you. Doug Fuss, dougout@attglobal.net; Joanna McCully, joannacelticlady@aol.com.