61 Your correspondent writes: Through coincidence and chance, we had a surprise lunch in Savannah this February with Arthur Tasker and wife Lucia. Arthur and I go back to U-Hall 3 and then fraternity days. The outgrowth of our visit was an offer to house-sit their Queens apartment while they spent the month in Italy. With our recently married daughter residing in Manhattan, how could we say no? We enjoyed a crisp week in March—with Broadway only 30 minutes away on the E train. I hadn't commuted to Manhattan in 30 years. At that time it was from Short Hills, NJ. The memories? Some are not-so-priceless of the PATH tubes and the Erie Lackawanna.

A note from Ron Demer '59: Ron is president of the Q&D Alumni Association and sent along information about Joe Fenton, who spoke to the Quill & Dagger undergrads and alumni board in March. "Sudharman (formerly J. Joseph Fenton) is the director of the Integral Yoga Center in New Berlin. A varsity football player as a student, Sudharman was also Interfraternity Council treasurer, Aleph Semach treasurer, and a member of Sigma Phi. His career includes a stint as a US Naval officer with the precursor of the Navy Seals and the management of a semi-professional football team in Hartford, CT. He studied yoga under Swami Satchidananda of the Satchidananda Ashram and has taught for over 30 years." Thanks, Ron, for this interesting update.

Ruth Schimel is writing a series of books, Becoming Courageous, based on her dissertation, experience, and continuing work as a career and life management consultant. Ruth is happy to share her writing on professional and personal development, including pithy guides. She is also the founder and manager of the Schimel Lode, named for her parents; its new mission is to encourage innovation and collaboration for the public good in the D.C. area (www.ruthschimel.com and www. TheSchimelLode.net). Al Bruce sent a lengthy e-mail update (which he admits took a year to prepare, with a bit of procrastination). "Noreen (UC Sacramento '68) and I retired to New York's Southern Tier. We have undertaken the renovation of an 1860 home in Canisteo. Every cliché about old home repair estimates is true: double each of them because the surprises in a 150-year-old three-story house are always more than anyone can predict. We are starting to see, however, that the completed home will be worth the sweat and equity. I'm working on a second novel about our innkeeping experience in Vermont during the '80s. The agent for the first venture seems optimistic, but admits publishing is a slow business. A précis of the story is available at www.freewebs.com/thelongwayhomebyalbruce." Al continues, "Finally, thanks to our intrepid class correspondents for your volunteer efforts attempting to wrangle those of us who trod the Hill close to 50 years ago. My tenures as president of the Capital District, NY, Men's Club and the Cornell Club of Central Carolina (motto: "Where the ivy meets the kudzu") made me appreciate the importance and difficulty of working with Cornellians. Give my regards to Davy."

Also, a brief note from Anne Lasher Mihalisin. "Not too much really exciting news, except that I got married on Sept. 30, 2008. (Ed. note: This is exciting!) I think the third time will be the charm. I am thoroughly enjoying my home on the Pacific coast with my four black Labs, which make me walk two hours every day. I hope that anyone visiting the West Coast would give me a call. I am two hours from Seattle, in Westport." Gerrit White sends along the following: "We're enjoying retirement, golf, extensive traveling, and our four grandchildren. I am still doing a little real estate consulting work without the commute into Wall Street. This year Elizabeth and I had more adventurous travels, with a sea kayaking and snorkeling trip to Palau, Micronesia, skiing last winter at several Lake Tahoe resorts, cruising the Dalmatian coast, and visiting the countries that used to make up Yugoslavia. We will go to the Galapagos Islands this December." With the pace that Gerrit describes, he and Elizabeth must also enjoy excellent health.

Following graduation, Alan Dybvig and I spent most of our adult careers at IBM. Although we never worked near each other, occasionally our paths would intersect in a long corridor in dreaded headquarters. That was then. Now Alan writes, "Some 'comings and goings,' per your request. I retired from IBM in 1996 after 32-plus years and spent the next five years with a Warburg-Pincus supply chain startup, SynQuest. It went belly up in the dot.com implosion, but not before an idea germinated for a new product. Seven years of due diligence later, it just birthed. Try http://dybvig.com/. Now, it is the marketplace's turn. My bride, Katherine (McGavern) (Annie McGavern Heasley, a DG and Class of '63, was her older sister) is president of the board of the Princeton Public Library and has an adult ADHD coaching business. We have sons Ned, 31, Tim, 28, and James, 20, and we all love to ski."

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