61"MacCORNELL PLAID REGISTERED WITH SCOTTISH TARTAN AUTHORITY." Cornell is the only Ivy League school to claim a registered tartan. Created by Jessie Fair '09 when she was a senior in the College of Human Ecology, the plaid is predominantly Cornellian red, cream, and gray, with crossed dusty blue stripes.

Ed Goldman (NYC) runs Publisher's Book Bindery, takes many professional tennis photos (including the US Open), and is renowned for his production of our Class of '61 25th Reunion yearbook. Please do the 50th as well, Ed! Ed and spouse Judith Riven did an extensive tour of South Africa, Botswana, and Namibia last year. Sandra Perrott (Wells, ME) keeps very, very busy in the community (including as a volunteer at a soup kitchen and at the visitors' center) and in a choir and nursing home chorus, and still finds time to square dance, enjoy cross-country skiing, hiking, kayaking, and snow-shoeing, and travel to the UK to visit her daughter and two grandsons.

Harris Rosen (Orlando, FL), founder of the Tangelo Park Pilot Program, hosted Cornell students who spent Spring Break volunteering as mentors. Since its inception, the Tangelo Park neighborhood has seen a 67 percent drop in crime, the high school dropout rate has decreased by 25 percent, and high school and college graduation has increased by 65 percent. Bill Tuohy (San Francisco) claims varied career paths. He has been an assistant professor of political science, managing editor for an engineering corporation, and a spokesperson for an EPA project under the National Estuary Program. Bill also worked for a member of Congress directing ways to convert military bases to civilian use. Though retired, Bill continues to be an active whitewater rafting guide.

Marcia Kessler Weiss (Nashua, NH) wrote us a very upbeat letter. The highlight was a report of the month she spent trekking in the Pacific Northwest. She was also thrilled that she had time to do all the things she wanted to do. Over a year later she tells us that she has recovered from a "no warning" stroke. Now she is able to continue her very active life. She urges all her classmates to Google and learn what "FAST" stands for, to remember the Big Red fight song, and to "live every day to the fullest." Thanks for sharing, Marcia, and stay well.

David Chadwick-Brown (San Diego), professor of political science and law, refers to himself as a "Townie" and returns to Ithaca more often than most of us. Another "Town-ie" he often visits is Tompkins County's Justice of the Peace, Roger Rector. David became fast friends with his Economics professor, George Staller, PhD '59, and was sad to hear of his passing in July. He pays homage to his past professors in his lectures to his students, in the form of personal reminiscence or a turn of phrase.

James McPartland, MS '64 (Baltimore, MD) was named an American Educational Research Association Fellow in recognition of his exceptional contribution to educational research. He is director of the Center for Social Organization of Schools and is professor of sociology at Johns Hopkins U. Peter Eveleth (Washington, DC) has been reappointed to a second five-year term as general counsel of the Office of Compliance. The general counsel is responsible for enforcing the Congressional Accountability Acts in regard to occupational safety and health, labor-management relations, and certain non-discrimination provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act in the Legislative branch. Peter also served as an adjunct professor at Georgetown U. Law Center.

Mary Guyer Berg (Cambridge, MA) is a resident scholar at the Women's Studies Research Center at Brandeis U. She has edited several books, including Cuba on the Edge: Short Stories From the Island, and has translated Carlota Caulfield's A Mapmaker's Diary. Arnold Herman (Pawtucket, RI) specializes in general and breast surgery. He received the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer award in 2007 as Outstanding Cancer Physician of the Year. In 2006 he received the American Cancer Society Advocacy Award. His extracurricular activity is playing with his six grandchildren. Flora Conte White (Clinton, CT) has retired from the State of Connecticut Judicial Dept. She now works part-time for a state contracted agency running group classes for men with issues of violence. Carlo Brunori (Annapolis, MD) has retired after 30 years as a conservation biologist. He does early hunting to help control overpopulated deer herds and teaches hunter safety courses for first-time hunters. Andrew Benerofe, MS '64 (Purchase, NY) is president of Benerofe Properties Corp. An avid golfer, he came in third in a recent Westchester amateur golf tournament. He remembers beating Army as a member of the freshman golf team in the spring of 1958.

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