61  Have you ever wondered how much the hump of a healthy camel weighs? When I return from my Morocco Sahara Odyssey I’ll share that information with you.  We will spend 3 nights tented on the Sahara, hoping to meet the famed “Blue Men”, the Tuaregs.  They originated in Timbuktu, and their camel caravans still cross the sands of the Sahara.


Charlie Hecht, LLB '63, of NYC, has built a studio with living quarters in Beijing.  He will be working with art professors on joint glass structures and is sculptor in residence at the Art Institute in Beijing.  His most recent show was at the Two Lines Gallery.  This is a far cry from Charlie’s present day job as a Principal of a NYC law firm.  Winslow Davidson, MS'62, of Georgetown, Guyana, is writing the second edition of his book, 160 years of Agricultural

Education in Guyana while tending a small orchard of papaws.  He retired in 1993 as principal of the Guyana School of Agriculture.


L. George Wilson, of  Raleigh, N.C. is a faculty member at North Carolina State U. He also serves as Senior Advisor for University Relations and Agricultural Research for USAID. Asked what he would rather be doing, Dr. George answered,  “I’m doing it”.  His fondest Cornell memory was as a member of the men’s glee club, and especially the Russia/London Christmas trip.  He would like to hear from Dale Goodrich '65.  James Moore, LLB '64, of  Rochester, NY, was also a member of the men’s glee club, and went to Russia on a different Christmas trip.  James is Senior Counsel with Harter, Secrest and Emery. The NYS Bar Journal published his paper, Globalization and the Delivery of Legal services. Gordon Seward, owner of Gor-Del Farms in Bergen, NY, still lives in the family home he was born in. Gordon and his wife Delores just celebrated their 50th anniversary, CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Gordon raises red and white Holsteins and features Bull Oxen for parades.  His fondest memory of Cornell is the birth of his first child a year before graduation.


Janet Ballantyne, PhD '76, of Chevy Chase, MD, is group VP for ABT Associates but on long weekends she is refurbishing a 19th century cottage in Vermont.  When asked what she has been doing recently she said, ”Walking my dog.” And what she would rather be doing, she answered, “Walking my dog.”  Lucky dog.  Her fondest memory of Cornell was the mud slides at Monkey Run.  Jill Beckoff Nagy is an attorney from Troy, NY.  She concentrates on immigration.  Jill celebrated her husband George’s birthday with a family ski trip to Valle Nevado, Chile.  Ronald Levine, JD '63, an attorney from Hyde Park, NY,

became a third generation Cornellian last fall. His son Michael, Hotel ’84, is the second generation, and granddaughter; Kimberly '11 entered Cornell last fall.  Ronald remembers the football program and would like to hear from Dick Shane '60, PhD '66.. 


Mary Ann Tower Rolland and her husband Bill restore historic homes in the Youngstown,  NY area.  They just sold their 7th house in Niagara County and  are looking for their next project.  The Rollands are involved in numerous community and church services and traveled to Mississippi to help restore homes destroyed by Katrina.  Her f ondest memory of Cornell is their wedding in Anna Belle Taylor Chapel,  Mary Ann would like to hear from her Chi Gamma Sorority friends.


Diane Baillet Meakem asks if she and husband Jack '58, MBA '61, hold the record for belonging to the most Cornell Clubs. They have memberships in Connecticut, the Berkshires and Southeastern, Florida.  Diane keeps up with their 5 children, 4 spouses and 11 grandchildren.  Charlene Jackson Beck writes from Voorhees, NJ, that she still does limited work as an event planner and golf tournament organizer.  She enjoys choral singing, golf, and traveling.  Charlene tells us that LIFE IS GOOD!!!!.  She remembers the great people and stimulating atmosphere at Cornell.  Dr. John Trimpey of Signal Mountain, TN, has retired from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.  He was Coordinator and Professor of Humanities and International Studies. His extra-curricular activities include reading, woodworking and duplicate bridge. Dr. John serves on the vision task force for the town of Signal Mountain.  He remembers  Prof. Fred Marcham, PhD '26, from his days at Cornell and would like to hear from Susan Pitcher Creek.


Diane Stewart Suits of  Manchester, NH,  reports that she traveled around Ireland for two weeks. “ Heavenly” was her description  of the Emerald Isle. Slainte, Diane.!!!! Barbara Lester Margolin and husband Arthur’s home base of Crestwood, NY, allows them to spend half of each week at their vacation home in W. Dover, VT.  They cruised the Hawaiian islands, spent a week in London,  another in Moscow, and a terrific weekend in Ithaca. 


OK, about the camel,  A camel’s hump weighs 80 pounds and it consists of fat and flesh, not water.


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