61 Have I told you about my visit to Morocco?  It’s a wonderful country populated by warm and caring people.  A landscape of constant surprises, and a Muslim country in which you feel safe and secure.  Have I mentioned that I had a wonderful trip?  Imagine spending three days and nights tenting on the Sahara desert, followed by a camel caravan to a distant Berber camp. Air Maroc lost my luggage and for five days I lived out of a small carryon bag.  Our tour director loaned me one of his jelabbas (a man’s long robe).  I celebrated New Year’s Eve wearing men’s attire topped off with my Florida straw hat decorated with a small Moroccan flag.  My luggage was finally found intact. Susan Sontag came up with a clever travel line.  She said, “I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list”.


Walt Cottrell, MBA ’63 and his wife Jeannie (Springer) ‘63 made a trip to Bay St. Louis, MS as part of an Ithaca Rotary Team to work on rebuilding houses destroyed by Katrina. ”We stayed at a Presbyterian Mission/Work Camp that provided meals, shelter, tools and an abundant supply of work.  We worked on two homes doing painting, siding, wiring and plumbing.  When we met the owners they were extremely appreciative of our efforts.   Our favorite quote from Ms. Gilliam, the homeowner, was ‘This house was built with love’”.  Bobbie Horowitz of New York City is one busy lady.  She is an image consultant with Isagenix International, a certified Reiki master, a theatrical producer, and a songwriter and performer.  Bobbie attended the hot air balloon festival in New Mexico and the Isagenix training events in Phoenix and is currently developing an exciting new theatrical project. Way to go Bobbie!  She remembers the late rock ‘n’ roll parties at Tau Delt. and Sigma Nu featuring Bobby Comstock and the Counts.  She would most like to hear from Billy Kretschmer, MS’65. 


Ed Goldman (NYC) is still running Publisher’s Book Binding in Long Island City and takes professional tennis photos for five to six weeks during the year.  That includes the US Open of course.  Ed and spouse Judith Riven went to South Africa, Botswana and Namibia and enjoyed the many game reserves and tourist sites.  His fondest memory of Cornell was doing homework in the Straight’s music room.  A Cornell friend Ed would like to hear from is Steve Tritt ’60.  Ed was responsible for the 25th reunion yearbook.  It was a brilliant book.  I refer to it when I write my class column.  It helps to match a face with the news forms you send to Doug and me.


Ingram Comoro, (Rancho Santa Fe, CA), says he is still working half days (only 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.) with sons Devin and Brett building worldwide distribution for his company, Plackers Dental Flossers.  He is serving on the board of a mutual fund and several charities in San Diego, as well as being the Captain of the Del Mar Country Club Silver Seniors Golf Team.  The Chodorows celebrated the birth of their first grandchild, Benjamin, to son Brett (Harvard ‘00) and wife Lisa, (Yale ‘01).  Ingram sums his life so very well.  He says, “The grass couldn’t be greener”.  Bless you and yours Ingram!


Ian Wetherly, DVM ’62 (Congers, NY), has always been a favorite friend of mine, probably because as a veterinarian, he helps and loves animals and I have always been an animal lover and a vet wannabe.  Ian and his lovely wife Janet attended our 45th Reunion and Ian presented a slide show of previous class events.  Princess Cruises chose him to give a series of lectures on a subject dear to his heart: clocks and timepieces. The ship sailed around England stopping at major ports.  Ian has a passion for timepieces and is into the antique clocks of the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries.  His Haverstraw Animal Hospital sees a cavalcade of pets eager for his care, and he also provides advice on the care and maintenance of mice in a research institute.  Ian would like to hear from Mark Kritz, ’59.


Sandra Perrott has moved to Wells, Maine, and is very happy about the fact!  In winter she enjoys cross country skiing and snowshoeing and in the summer there is biking, kayaking, and hiking in the woods and along the beaches. Sandra is retired but keeps very busy as a volunteer at a weekly soup kitchen.  She sings with the church choir and volunteers at the visitors’ center.  She has fond memories of singing with the University chorus and the Sage choir, and singing the Verdi Requiem with the Rochester Philharmonic under the direction of Thomas Sokol. 


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