January 22, 2005


David Kessler giving some transportation advice to Cornell President Emeritus, Frank H. T. Rhoades


What did Frank Cuzzi say to get such a terrific smile from Ginny Clark?


Such a good looking couple, David & Ellen Diamond


Jeanne Cottrell & Irene So are so happy to be enjoying the Class dinner in New York City


Hey Jon Greenleaf, Go easy with the thumbs on Eddie Furtickís back


Marilyn Slutzky Zucker & Ellie Browner Greco catching up on old times


Gee Peter Greenberg, Iíve been waiting years for that hug


Ed Goldman & wife Judith Riven enjoying a special moment


Come on Carol Franklin, donít be so serious,


Peter Greenberg & wife, Elke, just love our class dinners


Come on, Bobbi Horowitz, itís not that cold outside


Rosanna Romanelli Frank with her Big Red Boa


2221:    Judy Gubman Goldfaden wants your vote